2017 Wisconsin State Fair Trip 4

Sad but true fact – this was our final trip to the fair this year. An out of state wedding is pulling us away from dairyland during the last few days. I know what you’re thinking…who has the audacity to get married during the Wisconsin State Fair?!? Yeah, same thing I was thinking. I offered to stay home – with the kids – let Tara have a weekend to herself, at a wedding, alone. That’s just the kind of guy I am. But alas, we didn’t see eye-to-eye on that gracious offer and away we go with nothing  but dreams and indigestion to remind me that there is still fair fun to be had.

Anyway, we made our last trip without the kids and the taste of freedom was almost as sweet as the beermosas we had over at The Micro. My Door County Brewing Co. Apricot Dude Ranch beermosa paired up nicely with our first two foods of the day. The new All American Breakfast Sandwich and the old favorite Donut Breakfast Sandwich. When you can’t decide between two foods, get them both. That’s what I say at least.


The All American had two crispy hash brown patties sandwiching your standard breakfast sandwich fare of egg, bacon, and cheese. This was good. I could eat it regularly. I think I’m still partial to the Donut version as that glazed donut adds just the right amount of sweetness to balance those salty breakfast foods. Either way, you won’t go wrong with one (or both) of these.

We managed to catch most of the Sporkies Judging live and in person during this visit and I have to say – I think I should’ve been up there. Just because I love all of the foods. Like children, or lost puppies. I’m like the Statue of Liberty for food. Give me your fried, your bacon, your battered, your muddled messes yearning to be eaten…

Anyway, back to reality. I snuck over to Brew City to grab the Three Little Pigs dish and brought it back to eat and dream of my glory days as a Sporkies judge.


These bacon wrapped raviolis were delicious. Great blend of pork and cheese and flavor on the inside with crispy bacon on the outside and a great tasting BBQ-y/Ranch-y sauce on the side. These could have won (or at least came close) in my humble opinion.


Light crowds and no kids took us back to Tropics at the Fair to get a couple 20 oz Miller High Life’s to wash down another round of Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Bites. They were even better the 2nd time around and are probably my favorite of this year’s fair. Here’s a close-up to further whet your appetite.

Wanting to make the most of our last time here I ordered a Fat Elvis Shake Shake next.


You have to try it yourself to decide, but I thought it had all the elements of a great dessert (and that includes the bacon pieces throughout.) The deep fried fat elvis (basically a battered and fried peanut butter cup) was an especially nice touch.

Tara grabbed a classic cheese on a stick next to balance out the sweetness we just took in. Always a solid choice.


I opted for the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger sliders (as they are 1/3 of the Sporkies nominated Triple Threat). I should have known not to trust anything from the Budweiser Pavilion though.


They were fine as far as sliders go but there was nothing really special here aside from the pretzel bun. They didn’t (or forgot to) put the slaw on them – which rubbed be the wrong way. I went back up and was told “we aren’t doing that any more, but you can have a side of it if you want.” Weird. Anyway, I got my side, stuck some slaw on top and finished them off.

Couple more kid free beers to wash it all down and that was all she wrote for food at the 2017 State Fair.

I’ll have one more wrap-up post and I’m hoping to get another guest blog from my fairer half as well. Until then…






2017 Wisconsin State Fair – Day 1 Part 2 (The Food)

A little threat of severe weather can’t get between me and my fair food – we still managed to get a hearty serving of the fair and its food. The first day is always a little overwhelming – the sights, the sounds, and a list full of new foods with nothing crossed off.

A hard left out of the tunnel entrance lead us  organically down to the Spam wagon and to what may have been inorganic Spam Fries.

But guess what? I don’t care what they were made of (as long as it’s not crickets.) Factory ham beats crickets every day and twice on Sunday. But anyway, these Spam Fries; salty, crispy on the outside, hammy spammy on the inside . Great! I liked them with ranch, because they didn’t seem unhealthy enough on their own.

Adjacent to the Spam is the highlight of the Fair year in and year out, the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House. Two new flavors this year; chocolate peanut butter and salted caramel. Both were really good with the edge going to the chocolate peanut butter – like a melted Reeses in your mouth. The only major issue is that the boys can each drink at least a milk-a-piece so even with my trademark 4 milk carry – I’m not left with enough milk to satisfy my craving. It’s ok, it’s worth it to raise a couple milk drinkers.

Brad & Harry’s Cheese Curds are next and since we have them every year (and almost every trip) the new game is, “find a cheese curd that looks like something.” This batch had this:


Back to the new foods list and over to Water Street Brewery for Yardbird Nachos.

These were pretty good. Rich and really filling to eat alone (which I did). Turns out “chicken cracklings” are basically deep-fried chicken skin (maybe they were battered a little too) so they’re basically the best part of your bucket of fried chicken. The toppings were great too with some nice fresh salsa. Give these a try.

Time to feed the kids some more and what better than a 12″ corn dog (which I ate half of because that’s what dads do – or that’s what I do – either way).

Tropics at the Fair was the next target to cross our path and I moseyed up the bar and ordered some deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich bites. I talked to the owner as well and got you all some insider information – the cheese is battered in bread batter – something they came up with. When you cook it, it turns into bread around the cheese – deep-fried grilled cheese bread.

These were even better than I hoped they would be. Even the tomato dipping sauce was great – inspired by homemade tomato soup (more insider info). These are highly recommended – by me and my family.

Last stop for the day was appropriately Saz’s for dessert. Monkey Business.

Two little dessert burritos were excellently prepared. The burritos may have even been banana flavored – I think – I couldn’t exactly tell. Either way, they were crispy and full of everything good. Peanut buttery, bacon jam, caramelized banana. These were great. Soooo rich though. Please don’t be me – don’t eat them both yourself. I ended up couched for a good 2 hours after we got home from overdoing it today. Tara never wants to share these weirder things with me. Don’t get me wrong – she encourages me to get them…and life insurance. Weird.

Be back soon.