2017 Wisconsin State Fair – Day 1 Part 1

We went, we pushed it to the limit, and it poured just as we were ready to walk out. Lessons? It is really hard to run on a stomach full of fair food and you don’t really need “just one more thing” when you’ve already had 5. Reviews coming later tonight after my food coma / nap. 

A little bit of McMuffin in my life…

Overheard the guy behind me at the drive thru order as follows, 

Could I get combo number 5?

 Now all I want for is that Lou Bega to be waiting at the 2nd window ready to say,

This is combo number 5.

And then everyone starts dancing. 

Complete domination

Despite the fact that I ate an entire sleeve of Thin Mints, just 15 minutes after they were dropped off at my desk, before 8:30 in the am, one after another, no speaking, minimal breathing and all alone; it wasn’t me doing the dominating – it was those cookies. They completely and utterly owned me – I wanted to have the serving size of 4 but before I knew what happened, they were gone. Devil cookies. 

But whatever. Any chance for a New Year’s diet and a modicum of weight loss was out the window by the time that groundhog saw his shadow. I’ll just keep my head up so I don’t see mine. 

Taste 1/7 of the Rainbow

There’s a lot of great things going on in this article: ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Skittles strewn on Dodge County road
1. The fact it happened.

2. The fact Skittles are segregated by color. If there was ever an appropriate time for Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition to get involved with something – this is kind of obviously it. 

3. This quote, “There’s no little ‘S’ on them, but you can definitely smell, it’s a distinct Skittles smell,” Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said.

Washington County’s own Sherlock Holmes obviously on the case. (No offense to him and his scent-of-candy knowledge.)

4. That the article ends with this, “It was reported that the Skittles were intended to be feed for cattle, but ended up being for the birds.” 

Wait, what? How is this not THE article. They feed cattle skittles?! Where? Why? I mean good for them, I’m sure their life kinda sucks and they want to taste the rainbow as much as any of us humans, but wow. And more importantly, where can I buy some of that beef? 

Happy Fall Y’all

It finally happened. After years of living in the shadows – like a wild animal or something –  Tara has let me put my beloved squirrel Ralph prominently on display (under the condition that he remain behind glass – but that just enhances what a fine specimen he really is –  so it’s cool). 

2015 Wisconsin State Fair: Day 3 & 4

Our 3rd and 4th trips to the fair came on Monday & Wednesday (and both were totally kid free – thanks Grandparents!)

I was going to defer these posts to my fairer half Tara to guest author but I told her she could do her real work instead (I know I’m a giver). I think watching me feed my face like a blue ribbon hog may have been in there somewhere for her although Monday we both left feeling like this:IMG_2176


Let’s rewind back to Monday morning and find out how we got there:IMG_2170 (1)Breakfast of champions. The breakfast donut in the foreground was awesome – like a bigger more complete brother to the donut grilled cheese I had on Day 2 – the only thing wrong with it was that we had to share it.

You might think deep fried cheese curds are a weird choice for breakfast but you’d be seriously wrong. Oddly this is our first year of fairing (out of 11 together now) that we have started going in the mornings and we discovered something. Morning cheese curds are especially magical (and extra addictive). Maybe it’s new fryer oil, squeakier curds, fresh dairy air – I don’t know and I don’t care – they are the best (Brad & Harry’s on Central Ave always).

IMG_2171 (1)Not a heart shaped cheese curd but Tara’s actual heart after eating so many of them.

With storm clouds brewing on the horizon we decided to camp out at The Micro for another round of Beermosas and whatever other food was nearby. IMG_2172 (1)Enter Siggy’s Wild Dog Saloon and a Pickle Dog. It was good enough but at $6 for a hot dog with 3 frickles on top I was the one who felt like a wiener.

It rained hard and heavy but 30 minutes later we were on the move. We made an obligatory stop in the expo center while I would have loved to check out the steam mops and super absorbent this and thats – that place is really infuriating. Walk on the right, don’t stop in front of me for no reason, there’s an empty Vitamix booth 20 feet away you don’t all  need to stop at the one right inside the door. Rant over.

IMG_7807_2With the fair grounds steaming from the rain and now hot sun, where better than Tropics at the Fair for our next stop. We went for their two Sporkies finalists:  Beer Battered Pretzel Coated and Cheesy Smoked Gouda Sidewinder fries. All those adjectives lived up to their hype. The cheese curds were different enough from our usual battered curds that they were worth getting. The fries were great; rich and tasty cheese sauce with nice thickness and crispiness on the taters. Well done Tropics at the Fair!

Feeling like we should shift gears from stuff with cheese a deep fried pretzel crusted brownie on a stick from Saz’s seemed like a good idea.

IMG_7808_2These were just ok. They were a little cake like and not as crispy on the outside as I had hoped. I prefer my brownies dense and my deep fried things crunchy.


IMG_7803_2How better to wash down all that brownie than with 4 milks.

IMG_7810_2Tara chose to wash her food down with a Beer Float (Lakefront Eastside Dark).

We got some deep fried mac and cheese for the walk back to the car. This may have been a mistake as we barely waddled back to the car in the hot sun.

After a day of rest and fried cheese withdrawal we headed back Wednesday evening for more fair fun. Turns out this was a great choice, cooler weather and smaller crowds meant happy times for us. IMG_2189No sharing curds this time around. Not as good as morning curds but nothing to squeak about.

IMG_2190Another one off the new food list – The Hot Mess. Everything on this worked together to make a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy (this is what happens when you have kids, you use Yo Gabba Gabba songs to describe your life). Seriously though the honey, peanut butter, bacon, beef, cheese and pretzel bun were great together. It was a hot mess and so was I when this was all gone but it was sooo worth it.

IMG_2191Flight school at the Micro. No dead kegs for us though.

IMG_2192Lasagna on a stick! Again a winner. It’s what you think it is, wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and deep fried. No way for me not to like this.

IMG_2194Tara’s Cheesecake on a stick looked good to me. I may have finished the last bite when she asked me to hold it.

IMG_2198Tara ended her night with these deep fried pickles.

IMG_2197I ended mine with Grebe’s Bakery chocolate dipped crullers on a stick. Yes and yes.

So two full days of fair meant two full fairgoers. We plan on going back tomorrow for our last trip of the fair. With temps in the 90’s and humidity to match it might be rough – but we have to say goodbye somehow.