About Me



I’m Adam and I needed an outlet for everything that amuses me. So this is it. There’s no rhyme or reason to what gets posted to Adam’s Amused and I’m not sure who my audience is (besides myself and my wife). Who am I? I’m just a guy that lives in Wiscosnin with his family – wife Tara, sons Beckett and Ellis. We also have two large dogs. I love Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Brewers (it’s hard sometimes), beer, food, traveling, and a lot of other stuff. As the blog will try to point out, I like to find the funny, interesting, delicious, strange, and amusing things in life. Note that I’m not a writer (I’m an engineer by trade) so forgive any grammatical errors and/or whatever else doesn’t seem right. Plus I often fat finger my iPhone keyboard when I’m posting from it so blame it on my sausage phalanges.

I’d like to thank Tara for encouraging me to start this blog; I’m sure it was partially to keep me occupied and out of her hair, but mostly just to be supportive. Speaking of her though, check out her awesome creativity (in the form of greeting cards and more) at www.crackeddesigns.com. We occasionally collaborate on some of the cards and it has been a lot of fun.

So if you’re reading this, thanks, welcome, and I probably know you (but if I don’t then that would be cool too). So hopefully you’ll check in from time to time and and find something amusing – you be the judge (actually don’t be the judge I’m kind of sensitive).