2015 Wisconsin State Fair: Day 2

Half of my wish came true for our 2nd trip to the fair – we left Ellis with the Grandparents and headed to the fair a lot lighter on baggage – with just 5 year old Beckett in tote. It’s the little things that make all the difference when you’re a parent.

But seriously, we took Beckett to the fair to see the pups from Paw Patrol! (Can you feel the excitement in my typing!?) We arrived to the Paw Patrol Trailer (straight from Adventure Bay) right at 10am – when things were supposed to get started.


Every parent/kid in State Fair park was making a bee-line for the same spacious 20×20 alcove between the pigs and goats. Awesome. Amid the mass confusion we jumped right into line. Some further investigation determined the pups wouldn’t be out until 11:15 but never fear,some other stupid kid stuff would be happening ( Little Charmers, Chubby Puppies and Sick Bricks; whatever those are.) As much fun as that other stuff sounded, we told Beckett we’d come back in an hour for the main event…Poor kid reluctantly followed us away as I promised he could pick out whatever he wanted to eat.

But first, a little breakfast for mom and dad. Breakfast tots and Beermosa’s. Tara noted the presentation of the tots was nicely done.  They weren’t all show and no go either (they were really tasty). I went off script for my Beermosa and chose a Leinekugel’s Big Eddy series Royal Nektar – a strong mead style beer. It’s just what I needed to think about going back to Paw Patrol.

TIP: Visiting the Micro before noon is a great idea, not just for the Beermosa’s but for the serene, less crowded atmosphere as well. 


Next we headed over to the WI Product Pavilion where I took Beckett to the apple stand to get a delicious treat. Caramel Apple? Apple Cider Donut perhaps? No, he wanted one of the normal real apples (natural-form food at the Fair???) from the decorative bushel of apples. I asked the girl if we could buy one and she said sure. It’s not often you try to convince your kid not to eat healthy.

IMG_2184 (1)

With some more time to kill before Paw Patrol, we stopped for some more healthy food – albeit dipped in butter and covered in salt this time.



Isn’t she lovely?

Tara and Beckett headed back over to get in line for Paw Patrol while I detoured for a donut grilled cheese:


By cutting the donut in half and grilling the inside, it not only keeps your fingers clean but also ensures the delicious glaze mixes with the melty cheese for sweet and cheesy delight (coincidentally that’s how I’d describe a date with me if I ever had to sign up for an online dating site. Please though Tara, don’t make that a reality as I’m suddenly doubting that line would work).

So back to Paw Patrol – as I approached I saw a frenzied line of parents and kids flanked by State Fair cops – this wasn’t going to be good. They were already blocking the end of the line telling people they’d never make it in time. Whaaaat? Well, Paw Patrol would only be out for 25 minutes and then again at 1:15. COooool. You’re there for 50 minutes out of the day to meet with 50000 rabid fairgoers – those stupid pups might as well join the other animals and take a giant dump right in front of us. But anyway, we told Beckett he’d have to settle for just seeing them and I hoisted him up on my shoulders for a decent view of Marshall and Chase. A promise of a new Paw Patrol toy from the store later seemed to satisfy him well enough (and we walked away as I felt oddly suckered by a bunch of fictional rescue dogs).

The rest of the fair included:



More milk (of course)

IMG_2154Breakfast pizza and real cherry slush. Yum and yum.


Cranberry cookie. Nice.


Surf and Turf (beer battered, deep fried, bacon wrapped shrimp – I love when you have to describe it with multiple commas). Very rich, but delicious.


Chocolate Banana (for Tara) and chocolate dipped, sprinkle covered, sugar cookie dough (for me – not pictured because I don’t have an x-ray machine).

A trip down to the midway for Beckett proved to teach him a valuable life lesson I learned only much later in life. Milk before rides, clears yours insides. Tara whisked him off the spinning bears just in time for me to get him to the cleanest stall I could find where he screamed “it’s gonna stink and it’s gonna hurt!” He was at least half right from what I could tell.

With that out of the way our day at the fair wound down.



Come back soon for the Day 3 recap.