2015 Wisconsin State Fair:  Day 1

A fair day at the fair:

We had high hopes for the first day of the fair (see triumphant entrance below)

 Unfortunately hot, crowded, and stressed wasn’t just how I’d describe my intestines. Turns out having two kids along at the fair can put a real dent in previously well intended plans. And if you’re reading this someday kids; I wouldn’t trade you for all the curds in dairyland, but I might try to leave you home next time.

I can and should partly blame myself – leaving the diapers/changer in the trunk a couple Milwaukee Miles away wasn’t especially helpful to our situation. I might have been too caught up in fair prepping and excitement but that’s no excuse. Thanks to my wife (and props to mother’s everywhere) for constantly being on top of all that stuff. I can only blame the cream puff between my ears and/or the corndog between…well, let’s just blame my gender. Maybe if I identified as the fairer of the species I’d be better at that stuff (hell, maybe I’d even win an Espy).

But back to the fair. It wasn’t all bad. Starting your day w/ some pre-noon deep fried cheese curds and washing them down with Beermosas from The Micro is an excellent idea. We tried a Point Ciderboys Peach Country base and a Sprecher Grapefruit Raddler one as well. Both awesome.

Next, we headed over to the newly rebranded Bucks Milk House:

 On the way there I slammed my Beermosa to make room in the stroller’s limited cupholders for as many milks as possible. They’ve changed the lineup pretty significantly this year w/ the flavor lineup consisting of Banana Cream Pie, Strawberries & Cream, Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate Cream Pie, and Creamy Root Beer. We get it, milk is creamy – please ditch the cream in the names. That being said, they’re all still 25 cents and they all still taste good. Beckett continues to grow in his Milktitude (aptitude for milk drinking) and was very reluctant to share any of his 3 flavors with me.

 My disappointment was outweighed by my pride for him.

Being full of fluid but light on food we headed to the Machine Shed and I shelled out a crisp Hamilton for the top of the line 50/50 burger topped w/ a Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Nugget. This is the burger made of a half ground beef and half ground bacon.

 Unfortunately the cheddar nugget and pretzel bun were the only good things about this. I don’t know how you can make something worse by adding bacon but you’ve done it again Machine Shed! (1st time was the limp chocolate covered bacon) You should be ashamed of yourselves. The burger patty was more akin to one of the “premium” leather wallets you can buy all over the fair grounds than anything resembling meat. I swallowed my disappointment along with the last piece (it was $10 after all) and we moved on.

A disappointing cup (yes, inexplicably it was served in a little cup) of Duke’s Poutine – supposedly Quebec style – was the only other food of note from this 1st day of the fair.

So as you can see, my sweat wasn’t the only thing leaving me feeling salty on Day 1. But, there are 10 days left and plenty of food yet to be tried. I’m hoping for better days ahead.