Pączki’s, they’re not just for breakfast anymore


Happy Fat Tuesday!

As fate would have it, an impromptu trip to Menards after work led me past (and into) the wonderful Grebe’s bakery on the way home. Knowing my affinity for bakery (and let’s be honest – all food) Tara questioned if it was really fate that caused me to drive past a bakery selling those delicious donut-like treats – the Pączki. I had to question the coincidence of it myself. What drove me to find my way past that bakery on this day – of all days. Nature vs. nurture could explain it, perhaps. It was only natural that I’d want to devour those soul and body nurturing treats after all (and one of the six in my box is supposed to be filled with prunes – nutrition!). And then, as if walking out the door of Grebe’s with my half dozen Pączkis wasn’t good enough, I was holding the aforementioned door for an older couple on my way out (their way in) when the older, overweight, oxygen-tank-toting gentleman looked at me and exclaimed, “I’m fat and it’s Tuesday! Guess I’m in the right place.” A respectful head nod was all I could muster as I questioned my life choices and walked towards my car. The pontificating ended quickly as I buckled my seatbelt and wolfed down the first Pączki my hand blindly came across – custard filled, my favorite.