Wisconsin State Fair Day 8 Round Up

1 of 1 fair goers agree (that’s me); Imodium Plus beats Pepto Bismol in state fair torture tests. What does that mean? It means my carefully calculated lunch worked its magic on my gastro intestinal tract and I was back in business for day 8.

Great weather and a small(er) crowd meant easy pickins wherever the mood struck. And it struck me in the old favorites. First stop Machine Shed for a Krispy Kreme burger that went down so fast that I immediately got back in line to wash it down with a deep fried PB&J. (Both reviewed in past posts here and here). I washed all that down with some good old fashioned Robinade.



Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are hard to pass up in the Wisconsin Product Pavilion so nabbed one of those on the way through. You can get 5 for $10 if you want to feed your whole family – I wanted to order it so I could say “gimme a full house” and see if I got three cheddars and two swiss. On the way out of the product pavilion we grabbed an apple cider donut. At $.75/piece they’re infinitely delicious.



Baked Potato or work of art? Both.


More Milk!


Two milks down the hatch for Beckett! He is my son after all. If you do the math 2 milks for his 40 pounds would be 10 milks for my weight! This kid is going to give me a run for my money someday.

Bacon Wrapped Cherrywood Smoked Pork Belly


Meh. I’m a fan of combining meats but chunks of pork belly are just kind of chewy and this wasn’t that special. Pick another bacon treat at the fair instead.

Sprecher Root Beer Sorbet


Good stuff but I liked the grape better.

Mascots at the fair!


Sponsoring the Milk House was the best deal the Bucks have made since drafting Lew Alcindor.

What is this? A poop chute? (Technically it’s the worlds largest piggy bank slide).