Wisconsin State Fair – Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts

Just because I’m taking a couple days off from the fair doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it, so here’s a few tasty nuggets for you to chew on until my next visit:

1.  Parking. The fair can be expensive, especially when you eat your weight in food. Don’t waste your money on parking, we’ve never paid. Here are some “secret” areas for your next visit. (And don’t worry, the walk is just far enough that you might just feel less guilty for eating an entire bag of deep fried oreos on the way out).  Our favorite area is north of Greenfield between 76th and 70th Streets. Look out for certain areas restricted to 2 hour parking. Park close to Washington St if possible and follow it right to the racetrack and on to the tunnel entrance. Boom goes the dynamite.Google Maps 2014-08-05 21-26-39 2014-08-05 21-29-59

2.  Free water. Sometimes things get hot ‘n heavy at the fair…and you need a quick cold drink to wash down all that rich food. (What’d you think I was talking about? Although Beckett was born May 1st…) But if you just can’t wait in that long milk line, there is an easy fix. About 100 yards south of the Milk House is a Salvation Army tent with free ice water. Throw some change in the kettle if you’re feeling generous.

3.  Worried about what all those fried foods are doing to your body? Worry no more. Read the New York Times article “Deep Fried and Good for You” and stop feeling bad! I pretty much took the title on it’s own but if your really read it there’s something about moderation and about deep frying plants. Good thing I love Corn Dogs!

4.  Attire. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s important to get this right. A moisture wicking shirt is nice (just don’t make it look like you’re there to exercise). A not too light but not too dark color keeps the sun from baking you but hides those little oops that are bound to happen with this much food intake. Wear comfy shoes but pick an older pair. Why older? A. You might step in something warm and gooey (and it didn’t come from a food vendor. And B. There are nice ex-cons (pretty sure) that sell these shoe cleaning kits in the expo center. Don’t pony up for the kit but just ask them to show you how it works (on both shoes) and then slip ’em a 5 spot so they don’t end up with another tear tattooed on their face.

5.  Man’s Best Friend. No, you can’t bring your dog. But coming in at a close second place is Gold Bond. Powder early and often. Or get yourself some of the new spray! I can’t say enough about it. Shaq has never been so right.2014-08-05 22-23-55 2014-08-05 22-24-19

6.  And finally, for all of you Bucks fans out there (cricket, cricket) I enjoyed this nice little video of John Henson reviewing some new fair foods.