Wisconsin State Fair Day 4 Round Up

This was meant to be part of the live blog series but connectivity issues prevented that. It was packed tighter than a rabbit barn in the springtime today! But being there without Beckett means rapid fire fooding. No time to get full if you never stop eating.

1. Chicken Waffle Cone:
Wow. Great presentation and great taste. The waffle cone was like some kind of bread stuffing flattened and conified. The chicken was seasoned with some heat offset by the creamy coleslaw and some bacon thrown in for good measure. Two sticks up!

2. Cheese Pierogis:

An oldie but a goodie. I finished em off for Tara cause that kinda guy.

3. Deep fried Kringle:

Hidden back in that World Cafe Village place this was worth the search. It was sort of like a Pilsbury toaster pastry but better. Can’t replace normal Kringle but is a nice addition to the deep fried line-up nonetheless.

4. Pork Burger:

Simple and pure if not outwardly appetizing this guy hit the spot – not fried or on a stick (I’m not a robot after all) it was just what I needed.

5. Milwaukee Brewing Cream Puff Ale:

A traditional beer at the Micro to wash it all down. As a bonus it is physically impossible to feel any alcoholic effects with that bounty of food in my gut.
And on the beer note, I’ll pimp this rad shirt again:

The original and still the best; get it here: