Wisconsin State Fair Day 1 Round Up

Day 1 is always great. The fair feels like a home away from home – a crowded home mostly full of people I don’t want to talk to with – but home nonetheless. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes – they’re a feast for the senses. And feast I did! My fingers are about all that moves at this point as I’m in full on food coma. I just took down a still fresh cream puff to complete the full fair experience (it wouldn’t be right not to).

Here’s today’s food reviews:


First stop, the Milk House. The above picture shows the 4 milk hold finger configuration – maximum milkage per trip through the line. It could also be my gang sign if I ever start one. Initiation will probably include main lining some white milk. Then we’ll hit the corners in them low lows girl – holding milks high of course. (BTW, get the rad shirt I’m sportin’ here: http://etsy.me/1s9tzO5 )

Big news at the Milk House is that there are 2 new flavors this year, Fruit Hoops and Birthday Cake. Worth trying. I tell the milk the same thing I would tell multiple offspring – I love you all the same.


Beckett made me proud today – downing 2 full milks in the first stop (and 1 later on) and then feeling the full effects and fake “water falling” out the side of the stroller. Atta boy.

Deep Fried Maple Bacon Cookie Dough
CookieDoughI’m not sure how I felt about this. The bacon wasn’t crispy enough and maple flavored cookie dough isn’t as good as the chocolate chip standard bearer. I finished it all – I have a problem – but it was just “ok”.

Here we have the Mac & Cheese Pizza Cone

Another disappointment. Nothing wrong with it really, lots and lots of cheese, bacon bits throughout but it just didn’t click quite right.

Sprecher Grape Soda Sorbet

Beckett let me try his sorbet – it was great. We try to feed him a deep fried cheese curd while he ate it.

Machine Shed’s Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Melts

Yep. Worked on all counts. Optional drizzled BBQ sauce is a nice touch. You should try these.

And then some other random fair fun:


I swear I saw a goat crying once when I ran out of that food they eat out of the quarter machines at the petting zoo.

IMG_9632Cream Puff guy is kinda creepy. His real name is Cravin’ D. Cream Puff. Beckett loved him.