8 years…



That’s how long I collected the aluminum cans we used. Well, I finally went to cash ’em in and after 30 minutes in line, in the rain, along with the cities finest salvagers, I hauled in…wait for it…$27. I would have taken some pictures there but I think my iPhone would have been promptly scrapped for its value in metal. Everyone should experience this scene at least once.

Needless to say, all cans go directly in the recycling bin now. But it was worth it for the trip down memory lane; as the cans poured out of the bags I saw almost a decades worth of drinking history and down at the bottom the 8 year old Blatz Light cans still shined. You know, you can actually buy a lot of beer for $27.


Sometimes when you go to the store to buy something do you ever think, “I should buy something else to make it less weird that I’m buying this other thing.” It rarely works out. Tonight I ran into Target – with Tara and Beckett out in the car – and grabbed the biggest pack of Charmin Ultra Soft they had (because a. I’m worth it and b. I get to say “don’t squeeze the Scheuerman”). Anyway, I thought I should snag another item on the way to the checkout – just to round out the purchase. OJ on sale? Perfect. As I set my selections on the counter the checker looked up at me over Mount TP and said hello. Sensing an awkward silence I said, “big night planned” and shrugged. He didn’t say anything else. In retrospect it probably looked like I was going to chug a half gallon of juice and proceed to crap my pants.

And that’s why you just buy what ya came for.