Twitches be loco!

So I’ve had a twitch in my left eye for several months and it was really driving me nuts today – glasses on glasses off – it didn’t matter, it wouldn’t go away. Every conversation I had left me wondering if the other person was walking away either a. terrified I was on the brink of snapping or b. confused as to why I was winking at them the whole time i.e. “yeah, you should make that shaft a little bigger” *wink 😉

Anyway what else to do but Google for a solution. The above result made sense to me, so why not, I was desperate, I gave it a try. Thing about said solution is – you don’t see someone waiting at the entrance to your cubicle until your eyes pop open like two super moons; tears trickling down your cheeks.

So much for thinking the eye twitch is why people would think I’m a weirdo…