State Fair Round Up

As I’ve mentioned previously, we made a Scheuerman family record 5 trips to the fair this year. It was great fun but it wasn’t without consequence. I tracked my weight throughout the fair as a quasi-scientific study on the effects of fair food on the human body. As you can see there were some ups and downs…but mostly ups. My body managed to equalize between trips 2 and 4 – I even hypothesized that my body had naturally become accustomed to 10,000 calorie binges of fair food and some how my metabolism ramped up to accommodate the gluttony. Or maybe it was the fact that after eating a particularly intense Pizza Cone and then over indulging on $.25 milks I went through a 3 day colon cleanse. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) by our 5th trip to the fair my superhuman metabolizing power and bowel irritability had both cleared up and my farewell tour of fair foods stuck to my ribs real good.

After that last trip to the fair, one might have looked at me and said, “wow, you’re glowing, you must be really happy to have been at the fair.” And they’d be right, I was happy, but the glow was probably more due to my pores excreting all that ingested deep frier oil; that and the fact that I was pregnant with a State Fair baby. Lucky for me, the gestation period of a State Fair baby is only somewhere between 1 and 3 days (or shortly after a morning coffee) and the result of that birth has been a rapid drop of those day 5 pounds.

Now to redirect your mind away from that imagery, I leave you with some final images of the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair.

DSCF0420This should really be a caption contest somewhere so you pick your own – too many to choose from.

DSCF0427Love the PBR pouring out…but the adjacent “Kids From Wisconsin” pins are sending a mixed message.

DSCF0435  It also make you talk like stereotype of Native American.DSCF0274 As if 4H wasn’t weird enough – they were singing Rocky Horror songs when I spotted this. I’m freaking out man.

IMG_6618Sad, but tasty.
IMG_6676 ‘merica.

DSCF0280 Only $10 for a 50% chance of getting your face ripped off. At least you’ll have a picture of it.


DSCF0346 DSCF0349DSCF0074Nice signage.