State Fair: Trips 4 and 5 (and I’m still alive)

The fair’s over, but here’s a quick recap of some of the tastiest foods from our fourth and fifth trips (a new Scheuerman family record).

DSCF0271The grilled cheese is pure goodness and a bargain – if not a little boring.DSCF0273Cranberry Cookie on a Stick. Beckett ate it down quick even though it was the size of his head. I think it’s a gateway food. At least we can go to rehab together. DSCF0278DSCF0279Beer Battered Brat Bites were delicious – better than a corn dog! Why hasn’t this happened sooner?!DSCF0290Pierogi’s. Better here than Polish Fest.DSCF0341Put your hands up or I’ll pop you. Gotta love that corn on the cob.DSCF0348Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. Beefy, Bacony, Brown Sugary. Hat trick!DSCF0404Dark chocolate covered cranberries on a stick. I took one home…and devoured it there.DSCF0419Cream Puff Ale is not only the best beer at the fair, it’s got the best tapper.DSCF0425The cherry stand in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion delivered big time with their giant cherry oatmeal cookie and a real cherry slush.  DSCF0430Cheesecake on a stick. Classic fair food.DSCF0434Pizza on a stick – the mini ponzarotta you can eat with one hand. DSCF0350 DSCF0351I forgot to take a picture of the deep-fried Oreos before I ravaged them on our walk back to the car. They weren’t as good as I hoped but that didn’t stop me from eating them all (and leaving the evidence all over my shirt). Puffs to go are the only way to go. I do have some self respect whilst at the fair; and keeping cream off my mustache and beard in public is part of that. In addition, you don’t have to quit the fair cold turkey when you have a box of cream puffs in the fridge. (They also work as payment to grandparents for babysitting.)

My goodbye to the fair post is coming soon. Stay tuned.