State Fair: Trips 2 and 3 Recap

DSCF0073We’ve been back to the Wisconsin State Fair twice since our first trip (that’s 3 so far for you math majors) and we’re not done yet. Besides those deep fried timeless delights pictured above (Brad & Harry’s Cheese Curds) we had a few more culinary adventures to share:

DSCF0079 0ad I will love you tender you banana battered peanut butter  cup with bacon crumbled on top, I will.

DSCF0088Oh Cookie Dough on a Stick – you get me every time. I love you, but I hate how you make me feel when I’m done.

DSCF0090Tara’s go to dessert at the Fair. There’s always money in the banana stand.

DSCF0093We won’t get sucked in to trying to kill a keg this year after last years debacle drained my pocketbook (who calls it that?) and filled my bladder. But we also won’t be deprived of the most delicious beer of them all – a Wisconsin State Fair Exclusive from MKE Brewing Co. – Cream Puff Ale.

DSCF0148Mac Attack! Hidden inside the Cream Puff Pavilion at the West Allis Shrine Club Stand – this sandwich had it all.

DSCF0150DSCF0151Saz’s Deep Fried Peanut Butter Bacon Balls w/ Berry Weiss Jelly were on my “must eat” list. Maybe it was the description or maybe I hyped myself up a little too much but I’ve had better balls…at the fair…food vendors.

DSCF0154I’ve always wanted to try the Door County Cherry Pie on a Stick and finally put up with the hassle of ordering from that stand (deep inside a tent next to a band of old guys singing a Beach Boys song but replacing Kokomo with Mukwonago) lucky for them it was good – I’m talking about the food – music made me want to deep fry their mics (sorry old dudes).

DSCF0157Sprecher Orange Dream Sorbet, Beckett polished it off before I got any but I tasted the Root Beer one and it wasn’t bad. Sometimes you have to break up the fried food – but only sometimes.

DSCF0163Speaking of fried food, this Cream Cheese w/ Bacon on a Stick was as limp in taste as it was in my hand. I thought it would taste like a giant crab rangoon but alas it did not.

DSCF0166 DSCF0167Beer Doughnuts! With the Milwaukee bakery stalwart Grebe’s behind these they couldn’t be bad – and they weren’t. They were a little odd though. Honey Weiss, Summer Shandy and Miller Lite flavored fillings definitely tasted like their beer counterparts but I’m not 100% sure that’s a good thing. I finished them off for breakfast the next day though so they couldn’t have been all bad. Definitely worth the experience.

DSCF0100Not that exotic, but Palermo’s pizza tastes even better at the fair. Doesn’t everything though.

DSCF0075You know I had some Milk to wash it all down – maybe just a little bit.