State Fair Day 1 Recap



I’m a couple days late on this one – food coma to blame. But without further ado, here’s my impressions from opening day:


We entered the fair through the northwest corner of the race track – right where Herb’s Superb Milkhouse has been as far as my milk infused brain can remember. Well, if you’re looking for it there, you won’t find it. Fear not though (I avoided a serious panic attack thanks to a heads up catch by Tara whilst reading some State Fair announcement before we left that day) it has just moved down the grandstand to the other end. It’s also co-branded with the Buck’s now –  which is a good plan by Senator Kohl seeing as how the Milk House is awesome and the Bucks are…well…something kind of resembling a professional basketball team. Can’t hurt. Here’s another tip, you’re probably familiar with the long lines at the Milk House, bring a stroller (probably helps to have a kid in it) and the Milk Ambassadors will direct you to the front of the line – register 4 – no wait. I heard angels sing when they told me that the first time through. Need a kid? You can borrow ours. Just bring him back happy and full of Milk.

2. Food! I’ve had some of these before and some are new but here’s the quick reviews of everything from day 1:


Krispy Kreme Burger and Spicy Pig Candy – The Machine Shed: You’re doing a disservice to yourself and maybe to your country if you don’t at least stop by the Machine Shed for something crazy. I always get the Krispy Kreme Burger because it just works. This year I tried the Spicy Pig Candy with it. It was bacon that was candysized (??) and jalapenoed (??) – sweet, spicy, and bacony but a little underwhelming. It’s your call.


(Reviewed left to right, top to bottom)

Deep Fried Pepper Jack & Bacon Macaroni & Cheese – Catfish Johnny’s:  Good but not as good as the original mac & cheese bites from the same stand (which are still available and should end up in your stomach at some point)

Apple Cider Donut – Wisconsin Products Pavilion: Have one, it’s cheap, good and from WI.

Billie’s Special Baked Potato – Billie’s Baked Potatoes: Tara prefers this to the assembly line style ones in the Product Pavilion – hard to argue with her.

Beer Battered Sliders – Budweiser Pavilion: High potential but mediocre execution. The burger patty was battered and deep fried and it was on a pretzel bun with some kinda sauce. Lots of food, and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. Save space in your stomach for something better.

Corn – New Berlin Lion’s Club: It’s hard to miss this huge stand and it’s hard not to get corn on the cob – even dipped in butter it’s the healthiest thing you’ll eat all day – unless you’re a horse. Plus there’s an old guy in a corn costume.

Honey Lemonade – Wisconsin Products Pavilion: Straight from the bee’s knees – or wherever it comes out of. Delicious and refreshing – pass up many other lemonade options and get this one.


Beer Float – Slim’s Lakefront Brewpub: This was Tara’s pick containing Lakefront Eastside Dark and Purple Door Ice Cream. She like it, and I was surprised how good it actually was with the small taste I stole.


Toasted Ravioli and Deep Fried Stuffing Balls – Rupena’s: Skip the toasted ravioli but don’t you dare skip the stuffing balls. This is how stuffing was supposed to be prepared. Don’t be scared to generously dip your balls in gravy – no one will judge.

That’s all I have for now. Round 2 is planned for Sunday with a lot more food to try and a lot more milk to wash it down.