State Fair Round Up

As I’ve mentioned previously, we made a Scheuerman family record 5 trips to the fair this year. It was great fun but it wasn’t without consequence. I tracked my weight throughout the fair as a quasi-scientific study on the effects of fair food on the human body. As you can see there were some ups and downs…but mostly ups. My body managed to equalize between trips 2 and 4 – I even hypothesized that my body had naturally become accustomed to 10,000 calorie binges of fair food and some how my metabolism ramped up to accommodate the gluttony. Or maybe it was the fact that after eating a particularly intense Pizza Cone and then over indulging on $.25 milks I went through a 3 day colon cleanse. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) by our 5th trip to the fair my superhuman metabolizing power and bowel irritability had both cleared up and my farewell tour of fair foods stuck to my ribs real good.

After that last trip to the fair, one might have looked at me and said, “wow, you’re glowing, you must be really happy to have been at the fair.” And they’d be right, I was happy, but the glow was probably more due to my pores excreting all that ingested deep frier oil; that and the fact that I was pregnant with a State Fair baby. Lucky for me, the gestation period of a State Fair baby is only somewhere between 1 and 3 days (or shortly after a morning coffee) and the result of that birth has been a rapid drop of those day 5 pounds.

Now to redirect your mind away from that imagery, I leave you with some final images of the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair.

DSCF0420This should really be a caption contest somewhere so you pick your own – too many to choose from.

DSCF0427Love the PBR pouring out…but the adjacent “Kids From Wisconsin” pins are sending a mixed message.

DSCF0435  It also make you talk like stereotype of Native American.DSCF0274 As if 4H wasn’t weird enough – they were singing Rocky Horror songs when I spotted this. I’m freaking out man.

IMG_6618Sad, but tasty.
IMG_6676 ‘merica.

DSCF0280 Only $10 for a 50% chance of getting your face ripped off. At least you’ll have a picture of it.


DSCF0346 DSCF0349DSCF0074Nice signage.


State Fair: Trips 4 and 5 (and I’m still alive)

The fair’s over, but here’s a quick recap of some of the tastiest foods from our fourth and fifth trips (a new Scheuerman family record).

DSCF0271The grilled cheese is pure goodness and a bargain – if not a little boring.DSCF0273Cranberry Cookie on a Stick. Beckett ate it down quick even though it was the size of his head. I think it’s a gateway food. At least we can go to rehab together. DSCF0278DSCF0279Beer Battered Brat Bites were delicious – better than a corn dog! Why hasn’t this happened sooner?!DSCF0290Pierogi’s. Better here than Polish Fest.DSCF0341Put your hands up or I’ll pop you. Gotta love that corn on the cob.DSCF0348Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. Beefy, Bacony, Brown Sugary. Hat trick!DSCF0404Dark chocolate covered cranberries on a stick. I took one home…and devoured it there.DSCF0419Cream Puff Ale is not only the best beer at the fair, it’s got the best tapper.DSCF0425The cherry stand in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion delivered big time with their giant cherry oatmeal cookie and a real cherry slush.  DSCF0430Cheesecake on a stick. Classic fair food.DSCF0434Pizza on a stick – the mini ponzarotta you can eat with one hand. DSCF0350 DSCF0351I forgot to take a picture of the deep-fried Oreos before I ravaged them on our walk back to the car. They weren’t as good as I hoped but that didn’t stop me from eating them all (and leaving the evidence all over my shirt). Puffs to go are the only way to go. I do have some self respect whilst at the fair; and keeping cream off my mustache and beard in public is part of that. In addition, you don’t have to quit the fair cold turkey when you have a box of cream puffs in the fridge. (They also work as payment to grandparents for babysitting.)

My goodbye to the fair post is coming soon. Stay tuned.

State Fair: Trips 2 and 3 Recap

DSCF0073We’ve been back to the Wisconsin State Fair twice since our first trip (that’s 3 so far for you math majors) and we’re not done yet. Besides those deep fried timeless delights pictured above (Brad & Harry’s Cheese Curds) we had a few more culinary adventures to share:

DSCF0079 0ad I will love you tender you banana battered peanut butter  cup with bacon crumbled on top, I will.

DSCF0088Oh Cookie Dough on a Stick – you get me every time. I love you, but I hate how you make me feel when I’m done.

DSCF0090Tara’s go to dessert at the Fair. There’s always money in the banana stand.

DSCF0093We won’t get sucked in to trying to kill a keg this year after last years debacle drained my pocketbook (who calls it that?) and filled my bladder. But we also won’t be deprived of the most delicious beer of them all – a Wisconsin State Fair Exclusive from MKE Brewing Co. – Cream Puff Ale.

DSCF0148Mac Attack! Hidden inside the Cream Puff Pavilion at the West Allis Shrine Club Stand – this sandwich had it all.

DSCF0150DSCF0151Saz’s Deep Fried Peanut Butter Bacon Balls w/ Berry Weiss Jelly were on my “must eat” list. Maybe it was the description or maybe I hyped myself up a little too much but I’ve had better balls…at the fair…food vendors.

DSCF0154I’ve always wanted to try the Door County Cherry Pie on a Stick and finally put up with the hassle of ordering from that stand (deep inside a tent next to a band of old guys singing a Beach Boys song but replacing Kokomo with Mukwonago) lucky for them it was good – I’m talking about the food – music made me want to deep fry their mics (sorry old dudes).

DSCF0157Sprecher Orange Dream Sorbet, Beckett polished it off before I got any but I tasted the Root Beer one and it wasn’t bad. Sometimes you have to break up the fried food – but only sometimes.

DSCF0163Speaking of fried food, this Cream Cheese w/ Bacon on a Stick was as limp in taste as it was in my hand. I thought it would taste like a giant crab rangoon but alas it did not.

DSCF0166 DSCF0167Beer Doughnuts! With the Milwaukee bakery stalwart Grebe’s behind these they couldn’t be bad – and they weren’t. They were a little odd though. Honey Weiss, Summer Shandy and Miller Lite flavored fillings definitely tasted like their beer counterparts but I’m not 100% sure that’s a good thing. I finished them off for breakfast the next day though so they couldn’t have been all bad. Definitely worth the experience.

DSCF0100Not that exotic, but Palermo’s pizza tastes even better at the fair. Doesn’t everything though.

DSCF0075You know I had some Milk to wash it all down – maybe just a little bit.

State Fair Day 1 Recap



I’m a couple days late on this one – food coma to blame. But without further ado, here’s my impressions from opening day:


We entered the fair through the northwest corner of the race track – right where Herb’s Superb Milkhouse has been as far as my milk infused brain can remember. Well, if you’re looking for it there, you won’t find it. Fear not though (I avoided a serious panic attack thanks to a heads up catch by Tara whilst reading some State Fair announcement before we left that day) it has just moved down the grandstand to the other end. It’s also co-branded with the Buck’s now –  which is a good plan by Senator Kohl seeing as how the Milk House is awesome and the Bucks are…well…something kind of resembling a professional basketball team. Can’t hurt. Here’s another tip, you’re probably familiar with the long lines at the Milk House, bring a stroller (probably helps to have a kid in it) and the Milk Ambassadors will direct you to the front of the line – register 4 – no wait. I heard angels sing when they told me that the first time through. Need a kid? You can borrow ours. Just bring him back happy and full of Milk.

2. Food! I’ve had some of these before and some are new but here’s the quick reviews of everything from day 1:


Krispy Kreme Burger and Spicy Pig Candy – The Machine Shed: You’re doing a disservice to yourself and maybe to your country if you don’t at least stop by the Machine Shed for something crazy. I always get the Krispy Kreme Burger because it just works. This year I tried the Spicy Pig Candy with it. It was bacon that was candysized (??) and jalapenoed (??) – sweet, spicy, and bacony but a little underwhelming. It’s your call.


(Reviewed left to right, top to bottom)

Deep Fried Pepper Jack & Bacon Macaroni & Cheese – Catfish Johnny’s:  Good but not as good as the original mac & cheese bites from the same stand (which are still available and should end up in your stomach at some point)

Apple Cider Donut – Wisconsin Products Pavilion: Have one, it’s cheap, good and from WI.

Billie’s Special Baked Potato – Billie’s Baked Potatoes: Tara prefers this to the assembly line style ones in the Product Pavilion – hard to argue with her.

Beer Battered Sliders – Budweiser Pavilion: High potential but mediocre execution. The burger patty was battered and deep fried and it was on a pretzel bun with some kinda sauce. Lots of food, and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. Save space in your stomach for something better.

Corn – New Berlin Lion’s Club: It’s hard to miss this huge stand and it’s hard not to get corn on the cob – even dipped in butter it’s the healthiest thing you’ll eat all day – unless you’re a horse. Plus there’s an old guy in a corn costume.

Honey Lemonade – Wisconsin Products Pavilion: Straight from the bee’s knees – or wherever it comes out of. Delicious and refreshing – pass up many other lemonade options and get this one.


Beer Float – Slim’s Lakefront Brewpub: This was Tara’s pick containing Lakefront Eastside Dark and Purple Door Ice Cream. She like it, and I was surprised how good it actually was with the small taste I stole.


Toasted Ravioli and Deep Fried Stuffing Balls – Rupena’s: Skip the toasted ravioli but don’t you dare skip the stuffing balls. This is how stuffing was supposed to be prepared. Don’t be scared to generously dip your balls in gravy – no one will judge.

That’s all I have for now. Round 2 is planned for Sunday with a lot more food to try and a lot more milk to wash it down.


The Purge Before the Surge


The Wisconsin State Fair is just one day away! That means my body needs to be in tip-top shape. Scratch that, it’s not true and it’s not possible (at least in one day). So the focus is on getting my digestive system ready for the all-out assault of deep fried you-name-it on a stick. I might even eat some stick, I’m that excited. So today, on State Fair Eve, we eat lettuce. We eat it because, one, I need something healthy, b., the roughage in it cleans things out to provide a pristine home for tomorrows treasures, three, I guarantee the only place in State Fair Park you’ll find lettuce is in the rabbit barn so there’s no concern about doubling up, and finally, I want to be able to say, “lettuce pray” before dinner tonight and then thank God for the fair and for the fact that I don’t have to eat lettuce every night.

With that, here’s the new foods I’m looking forward to:

  1. Beer Battered Deep Fried Sliders
  2. Beer Donuts
  3. Deep Fried Peanut Butter & Bacon Nuggets with Berry Weiss Jelly

Watch for the food reviews and more posts on all our fun at the fair; where the fatty inside me gets to meet the blossoming fatty outside me…