Beer Me: Beer Fridge


Every problem is a potential opportunity. And beside cirrhosis of the liver, the opportunity presented by our bursting-at-the-seams beer fridge is to taste dozens of varieties of delicious brews – right from the comfort of home.

Thanks to a perfect storm of a beer of the month club membership, trips to Discount Liquor & Woodman’s, white elephant gifts, and the generosity of friends – we have more beer than (gasp) even we can drink (and still operate as parents and contributing members of society).

From cheap to classy, Olde English to MKE’s O•Gii tea infused Wit, plus a mini keg of Christmas beer for extra cheer – we have just about everything you could ask for. So if you’re in Bay View (or you’re looking for an excuse to be) stop in for a cold one (or 6). And if not, then just admire the glory and pop the top on one of your own favorites.