Looks too good to eat


When the morning sun came through the kitchen window and landed on my breakfast burrito a tear rolled down my cheek. Or maybe it was drool dripping out of my mouth – cause that burrito turned out great and I ate every last crumb. (Nothing ever looks too good to eat – that’s a dumb saying.)

Drunk on Ice Cream


Literally. This isn’t just when you eat a lot of something and say your drunk on it. this chocolate syrup from the Heaven Hill Distillery in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country is made with 90 proof booze. Now, even with the shots worth of chocolate syrup I drenched my low fat fro yo with (I know, I’m a walking oxy moron) I’m not falling all over the place drunk but this stuff is the real deal and it tastes delicious too.

Potty Training


In my efforts to encourage Beckett to use the toilet, all I’ve achieved so far is having him chant,”yeah dada, yeah dada, yeah dada” whenever I use it. At least my self esteem is way up.

Crime in progress


I caught Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar holding up a McDonalds on Halloween. Oddly, they were treated like every other customer without so much as a blink from the employees. (Maybe they were pressing the silent alarm under the counter.)