Trick or Treat! And Treat and Treat and Treat…


Over 700 kids can’t be wrong – well they totally can, and usually are – but Bay View is the place to be for Trick or Treat. Some smart planning and shopping meant we had just enough candy to get us through the 3 hours of constant bombardment. Plus our house was voted best on the block (or at least that’s what many-a-kid told me). Highlights included:


Tara and Beckett – aka Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar. This was all Tara’s brainchild and was a huge hit. Tara’s costume evoked a strange mix of joy and fear. Teenagers posed for pictures with her and toddlers ran in terror. Beckett went to town on candy and then proceeded to go to town on crazy.


The fog bubble machine – seriously a huge hit. This clearance item at Target after last Halloween turned out to entertain kids young and old. Shouts of “flying balls,” “spider eggs,” “what are those?!?” and “can we pop ’em?!” were commonplace. 


Outdoor movies – we hung a sheet and projected old Wolfman and Dracula movies out the front window. A nice touch if I do say so myself.

Quotes of the night:

“You got it crackin’!”- one mom told us multiple times as she walked past.

“One more for when they go to bed.” – a maybe 40 year old lady with no kids said as she held out her bag for candy. (Later found out she also said this to the neighbors). No, I don’t know what that means.

“I wouldn’t fill those bubbles with fog” – a boy said of our fog bubbles. Not sure what he would fill them with exactly, but my guesses are things that a kid his age shouldn’t be filling bubbles with.




Wave, Wave Back


Saw some big waves breaking and bouncing off the breakwater in Lake Michigan downtown Milwaukee this afternoon. Grateful that some big waves are all of Sandy we’ll see here.

A day at the petting zoo the kids wouldn’t soon forget


Smokey had a blast too…

What was a bear doing at a petting zoo in the first place? Not being petted, I’ll tell you that much. No, unfortunately it would seem that tragedy was in the stars for poor Smokey back in 1935. But lucky for you he can live another day in your living room for the low low asking price of $1200.



You know how when you’re going to have surgery they tell you, “no food or drink after midnight”. I think that’s because in the event you were a Mogwai, it would be way harder to operate on you after you’ve turned into a gremlin. Just to be safe you should probably avoid bright light and getting wet too.