2012 Wisconsin State Fair Round Up


They say, “all’s fair in love and war” and this year our experience at the fair had both love and war. War with The Micro for denying us a keg kill despite our consumption of 440 ounces of beer (that’s 3.5 gallons!). Conspiracy? Insider trading? We may never know. More war with Cousins Subs for taking away Tara’s favorite food of the fair – deep fried Cheesesteak on a stick. With a whopping zero deep fried offerings Cousins failed fairgoers and it’s Wisconsin roots. We’re hoping a grassroots twiiter campaign will convince them to bring it back. Despite these fails, we still had plenty to love about one of our favorite times of year. Lot’s of good foods (including a couple new ones), plenty of MKE Brewing Co’s Cream Puff Ale, Herb’s Superb Milk (12 of ’em), and all round fun times reminded us why we look forward to that first week in August every year.

Here’s a couple more quick takes on other foods I tried this year:


Pork Donut – Yep another meat and donut combo and another winner for me.


Deep Fried Pizza on a Stick – This is the closest you’ll get to a Ponza Rotta this side of downtown Waukesha and that’s a good thing.


Brewtons – Wonton wrapper filled with good stuff, deep fried and put on a stick. Worked.


Deep Fried Brownie on a Stick – Kinda like a corn dog but if the hot dog was a gooey chocolate turd.


Deep Fried Battered Bacon – You already know what I think about this.

Goodbye WI State Fair. See you in a year.