Wisconsin State Fair Day 2: Seen and Heard

Seen: The love child of Hulk Hogan and Tom Petty


Seen:  Body Jewelry and Blankets stand (because they really go together and if you’re buying body jewelry at the fair, you should probably be immediately covering up with a blanket).


Seen:  Cream Puff Motorcade complete with secret service cream puff guards in full bakers regalia.


Seen:  Hula Grannies (at least I wasn’t eating at the time)



Dad “Who has to go potty?”

Girl “Not me”

Grandma “Oh, I do!”


Myself (to carnie working the souvenir stand):  “Hey, can I get that green octopus hat?”

Carnie “Yes, but actually it’s a squid.” 

Myself “Great to know, I’ll take the green squid hat in that case.” (whilst thinking to myself “damn…schooled by a carnie”)