Good Idea…


Bad execution.
In Hawaii we had iced coffee where the ice was coffee too! Brilliant! (And surprisingly obvious.) It was delicious. So, I set out to do the same with my one pound bag of 100% Kona coffee I smuggled home in my drawers. (Just kidding, no need for interstate smuggling, I just really wanted to say that.) Anyway, I brewed a pot and froze it in some Tupperware. As the picture shows, the ensuing process of getting that frozen coffee cube into my cup was not nearly as smooth as the coffee itself. I guess next time I’ll just use the spare ice cube tray…


New Nickname


I think I found Tara’s new nickname for me when I’ve had a few drinks. “Dummy Gladhands”. Apparently it’s a device for air lines but when I saw it on the back of a semi whilst driving I knew I had to take a picture. Sorry for the quality, not easy to shoot and drive.

2012 Wisconsin State Fair Round Up


They say, “all’s fair in love and war” and this year our experience at the fair had both love and war. War with The Micro for denying us a keg kill despite our consumption of 440 ounces of beer (that’s 3.5 gallons!). Conspiracy? Insider trading? We may never know. More war with Cousins Subs for taking away Tara’s favorite food of the fair – deep fried Cheesesteak on a stick. With a whopping zero deep fried offerings Cousins failed fairgoers and it’s Wisconsin roots. We’re hoping a grassroots twiiter campaign will convince them to bring it back. Despite these fails, we still had plenty to love about one of our favorite times of year. Lot’s of good foods (including a couple new ones), plenty of MKE Brewing Co’s Cream Puff Ale, Herb’s Superb Milk (12 of ’em), and all round fun times reminded us why we look forward to that first week in August every year.

Here’s a couple more quick takes on other foods I tried this year:


Pork Donut – Yep another meat and donut combo and another winner for me.


Deep Fried Pizza on a Stick – This is the closest you’ll get to a Ponza Rotta this side of downtown Waukesha and that’s a good thing.


Brewtons – Wonton wrapper filled with good stuff, deep fried and put on a stick. Worked.


Deep Fried Brownie on a Stick – Kinda like a corn dog but if the hot dog was a gooey chocolate turd.


Deep Fried Battered Bacon – You already know what I think about this.

Goodbye WI State Fair. See you in a year.


Fair Food Review: Deep Fried Stuffing Balls on a Stick


Wowza! These. Are. Good. I love stuffing but these delicious little balls of it from Rupenas take it to a whole new level. Crispy on the outside, stuffingy on the inside and gravy on the side; Thanksgiving came early this year and I’m giving thanks for the opportunity to go back for more of these today.

Verdict: Order two, thank me later.

Wisconsin State Fair Day 2: Seen and Heard

Seen: The love child of Hulk Hogan and Tom Petty


Seen:  Body Jewelry and Blankets stand (because they really go together and if you’re buying body jewelry at the fair, you should probably be immediately covering up with a blanket).


Seen:  Cream Puff Motorcade complete with secret service cream puff guards in full bakers regalia.


Seen:  Hula Grannies (at least I wasn’t eating at the time)



Dad “Who has to go potty?”

Girl “Not me”

Grandma “Oh, I do!”


Myself (to carnie working the souvenir stand):  “Hey, can I get that green octopus hat?”

Carnie “Yes, but actually it’s a squid.” 

Myself “Great to know, I’ll take the green squid hat in that case.” (whilst thinking to myself “damn…schooled by a carnie”)



Fair Food Review: Sweet Chimi-Nutella


I thought my body could handle anything the fair could throw at it, including this heavyweight of a dessert. I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the deep fried, chocolate oozing, nut crunching (pecans not mine) experience and taste. But this proved to be too much for one mere man and it gave me fits the rest of the night at the fair.

Verdict: try it, but only if sharing.

Fair Food Review: Sprecher Beer Sorbet Pops


What???!!!  A frozen beer dessert on a stick?! Yes. We ordered these delights up at the Sprecher Landing (a delight in itself just north of Herb’s Superb Milkhouse). If memory serves me right, the flavors were Orange Belgian Wit, Lemon HefeWeiss and Chocolate Black Bavarian. They were all equally good – with the beer and flavored coating expertly matched. This one is in the running for my best new food of the fair.

Verdict: three sticks up

Fair Food Review: Wisconsin Mac Burger


I don’t usually get entrees at the fair because they take up too much room in my stomach and I can’t sample as much other tasty goodness. But, I made an exception for this burger at the Miller Lite Sports Bar and Grill. Deep fried mac and cheese bites, bacon, and more cheese topped the patty. It was tasty and it made itself at home alongside the other fair food in my stomach.
Verdict: Yum

Wisconsin State Fair Day 1: Seen and Heard


Seen: Zubaz, boots, and tank top guy. Classic.
Seen: Sign in yard reading “You’re in West Allis: Slow Down” (insert your own joke here, I don’t swing at cupcakes – no offense to my Stallis acquaintances).
Seen: “Beef made easy” sign – I just liked it.
Heard: “Do you want to trade the kangaroo for the gator or do you just want one of each.”
Heard: (between man and woman looking at hot tubs) “Look at this one.” – woman “Ehh, I saw an ad for one on Craigslist.” – man
Heard: “Why won’t this thing charge?” (as man punches his rascal in the horticulture pavilion).