The Dad Abides – Kid Movies


As a parent you’d obviously do anything for your child – including watching awful kids TV shows – I’m talking to you PBS, Nick, and Disney (with a few exceptions). But finally at the age of 2, Beckett has graduated to mixing in some Pixar movies. It’s working out, I have all 15 words and 16 robot noises in “Wall-E” memorized forwards and backwards. It’s definitely much more tolerable than the likes of Dinosaur Train or Clifford but still not what we’d rather be watching (I guess Breaking Bad and True Blood might be a touch too mature for viewing with a toddler in the room though). But anyway, despite 2 plus years of crying, pooping, and all the other stuff that makes one a parent, I think I felt more like a parent tonight than ever before. Why? Well, Tara and I were talking about all the kids movies we’ve been sitting through and landed on discussing the merits of the serious plot themes in the movie “Up” and how it actually was kind of good.  It was then that I realized, yeah, we’re parents now.