Sausage Run


No, not the kind where you fire up the grill and realize you’re fresh out of Italians so you have to drive to the store. This was the Sausage 5k at Miller Park. Getting to run onto the field just past the 2 mile mark gave us all the energy we needed to finish strong and collect our beer and hot dog for a delicious and hard earned breakfast! As Ueck would say, “nice, real nice.”

WI State Fair: I’m so excited…


And I just can’t hide it. It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, Wisconsin State Fair time. With less than 9 days to go, the excitement is palpable. It’s like Christmas – but with less Jesus and more cheeses. And nothing gets me excited like the list of the new foods to be had. There are 57 of them this year but I’m just going to list the top 5 on my “must eat” list – in no particular order:

  1.  Deluxe Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Hot Dog On-a-Stick:  This one has some depth – it takes a whole 11 words to describe it! It will take me just minutes to eat it.
  2. Sweet Chimi-Nutella (Banana, Nutella, Cinnamon, Pecans and Powdered Sugar wrapped in a Flour Tortilla) –The Mexican influenced Chimichanga and Italian origin Nutella combine for this multi-cultural treat! I’m calling this deep fried delight my heart healthy choice because it has cinnamon, fruit, and nuts.
  3. Cookie Dough Cone or Sundae (Layers of Cookie Dough, Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Soft Serve): There are three new cookie dough dishes on the list this year but this one stood out for adding the soft serve – a good call for this hot summer.
  4. Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Tots On-a-Stick: A hat trick! Deep fried (of course), bacon (still of course), and sweet potato. Finally, this trendy little root gets fairified!
  5. Pork Donut (Sugared Bismark Stuffed with BBQ Pork): I can see the people turning up their noses at this unholy marriage of meat and pastry. Not me. I can already taste these two flavors working together to tickle my taste buds.

There are plenty more that I want to try (and probably will). And as always, I’m looking forward to washing it all down with MKE Brewing Co’s Cream Puff Ale (quite possibly the best beer ever) and some of the new offerings from The Micro. Of course I’ll also be drinking plenty of good old Herb’s Superb Milk.

Stay tuned for all the food reviews and other fun at the fair because I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

If Heaven Had a Gift Shop…


It might be like the one at Best Place in the old Pabst Brewery. Or, if the song is right, and “in Heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here,” then you better just visit this one while you can. In addition to the gift shop (and just as good or better) is the the Best Place bar and the tour you can take. We checked it all out Saturday and thought it was pretty awesome. Being that the original Pabst Brewery closed in 1996 (pour some of that tall boy out in remembrance) I never got to take a tour there. It sounded pretty sweet though – so to experience even just a little bit of that history in this new incarnation of the brewery was still fun. For me it was a great combination of Milwaukee, history, beer, and a gift shop full of new and old (found in the brewery) souvenirs. Oh yeah, and some guy playing a Lute singing the Police’s “Message in a Bottle” but with the words “PBR in a Bottle” – that was entertaining too.

You can check out all the details here for yourself:

The Dad Abides – Kid Movies


As a parent you’d obviously do anything for your child – including watching awful kids TV shows – I’m talking to you PBS, Nick, and Disney (with a few exceptions). But finally at the age of 2, Beckett has graduated to mixing in some Pixar movies. It’s working out, I have all 15 words and 16 robot noises in “Wall-E” memorized forwards and backwards. It’s definitely much more tolerable than the likes of Dinosaur Train or Clifford but still not what we’d rather be watching (I guess Breaking Bad and True Blood might be a touch too mature for viewing with a toddler in the room though). But anyway, despite 2 plus years of crying, pooping, and all the other stuff that makes one a parent, I think I felt more like a parent tonight than ever before. Why? Well, Tara and I were talking about all the kids movies we’ve been sitting through and landed on discussing the merits of the serious plot themes in the movie “Up” and how it actually was kind of good.  It was then that I realized, yeah, we’re parents now.

Larger Package?


No, this isn’t a blog post featuring Jimmy Johnson – or any Johnson’s for that matter In this case its the FiberOne 90 calorie brownies I recently bought for my snack drawer at work (yes I have a snack drawer, how do you get through the day?) that need the ExtenZe. I took one out and was disappointed to find the contents to be a good two inches shorter than said package. False advertising at its worst, I was left wanting more; akin to Tom Cruise’s codpiece in Rock of Ages (saw a poster, not the movie) the goods just didn’t measure up – you know what I’m talking about Holmes.



To eat, or not to eat: that really isn’t in question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to put ham inside or outside your eggs…

I don’t really know, but it tastes good either way and my ham was nice and hot.



The dogs killed that watermelon. I’ll use that image as a warning to the alley rats – that could be your brains. Too far?