Cave of my mounds


Not to be confused with the stalwart Wisconsin tourist destination Cave of the Mounds, this post refers to the another area where the sun don’t shine – two of them actually – one we visited on vacation and the other one is mine.

Whilst in Hawaii we rented some flashlights for the privelage of exploring a lava tube – which was pretty cool. Halfway in we came across the pictured sign describing the “Blind Cave Insects” that inhabit the cave. And if blind insects don’t terrify you enough, the description of them sure as heck should. I didn’t get the picture of the sign describing the 20″ worms that hang from the cave ceiling and hunt other worms. At that point my imagination (and skin) was crawling.

What does this have to do with a much more personal (but equally dark and humid) ecosystem? Well let’s just say I noticed a bite later that day and it just could have been from one of those freaky albino bugs. Other options include the army of fire ants we saw on a hike or maybe some unidentified sea creature that didn’t like my snorkel.