Accidentally Gay


For Tara’s birthday this past week I got her front row tickets to the Brewers game – right behind home plate (and next to the mildly famous but not great up close and in person “Front Row Amy”). At the game I thought it would be cool to take a few photos of some of the players since we were so close – but being that we were behind the protective net I had to put my camera out in front of me and kind of zoom the lens through an opening. Ryan Braun was on deck so I was just kind of pointing and shooting and trying to get a good shot. Well, much to my chagrin, I did get the above “good” shot and the two guys sitting down the row from us happened to see on my camera’s LCD what a “good” shot it really was.

Guys: “What you got there?” (suggestively).

Me: “uhhh ohhh umm didn’t mean to time it that way…”

Guys: “Surrrre”

Me: “Ha. It was for her.” (looking towards Front Row Amy)

Tara: (elbow to my side) “Stop talking.”

I didn’t take any more pictures after that for fear “It’s Raining Men” would start playing and I’d get a lap dance from one of the Racing Sausages… but gay or not, I hope you enjoy this picture of the Brewer’s MVP (most valuable posterior?)