What the Chuck?


Chuck E Cheese that is (pictured above flashing me a gang sign assumedly because that’s how the regular cliental are accustomed to communicating). But I’ve been looking forward to the day I would be going back to that place ever since we moved into our house 6 years ago and noticed one just a few blocks away. Well, that day has come (and gone) with Beckett turning 2! (I would have gone sooner but it turns out you literally need a kid to get in – don’t ask me how I know). It turns out that place isn’t as great as it use to be. The ball pits are gone, the play areas are all plastic (and safe), and the seizure room (strobe light room) under the stage is a distant – if not still terrifying – memory. But they do still have the crazy animatronic characters in “The Showroom” singing an odd mix of 80’s and current music complete with extra loud eye lid clacks and slightly out of sync motions. Along with the surprisingly delicious pizza, it was the highlight of the trip for all 3 of us.