During a lunch walk through Target I saw Lunchables were on sale and my inner child told me to get one (for the first time in 20 plus years – ahh!) It took my inner adult to make me get the classic meat, cheese and cracker instead of the one with a double stuff Oreo, Capri Sun and Skittles. Regardless, the classic ingredients taste as good as I remember. I really don’t understand what it is about Lunchables that make them taste so good. It’s not like they make one with shaved mesquite turkey and aged cheddar (note to Oscar Meyer, I would buy that). Anyway, the deliciousness ended when I was one cheese short at the end. That is not acceptable to my palette or my expectations – in fact give me an extra cheese – standard – just in case I want to finish strong next time. Thanks.

Be American, Eat Bread


According to these numbers, at least 10% of Americans don’t eat bread; and that’s assuming no cross over between the wheats and whites. Who are you? What do you put your lunch meat on? What protects your hands from PB&J? What are you using your toaster for?! I think even vegans can eat bread, right? (I don’t actually understand how they survive but I bet there is bread involved.) Anyway, just one of those interesting (and pointless) stats that I always enjoy. Now excuse me while I go make a sandwich.

Accidentally Gay


For Tara’s birthday this past week I got her front row tickets to the Brewers game – right behind home plate (and next to the mildly famous but not great up close and in person “Front Row Amy”). At the game I thought it would be cool to take a few photos of some of the players since we were so close – but being that we were behind the protective net I had to put my camera out in front of me and kind of zoom the lens through an opening. Ryan Braun was on deck so I was just kind of pointing and shooting and trying to get a good shot. Well, much to my chagrin, I did get the above “good” shot and the two guys sitting down the row from us happened to see on my camera’s LCD what a “good” shot it really was.

Guys: “What you got there?” (suggestively).

Me: “uhhh ohhh umm didn’t mean to time it that way…”

Guys: “Surrrre”

Me: “Ha. It was for her.” (looking towards Front Row Amy)

Tara: (elbow to my side) “Stop talking.”

I didn’t take any more pictures after that for fear “It’s Raining Men” would start playing and I’d get a lap dance from one of the Racing Sausages… but gay or not, I hope you enjoy this picture of the Brewer’s MVP (most valuable posterior?)

What the Chuck?


Chuck E Cheese that is (pictured above flashing me a gang sign assumedly because that’s how the regular cliental are accustomed to communicating). But I’ve been looking forward to the day I would be going back to that place ever since we moved into our house 6 years ago and noticed one just a few blocks away. Well, that day has come (and gone) with Beckett turning 2! (I would have gone sooner but it turns out you literally need a kid to get in – don’t ask me how I know). It turns out that place isn’t as great as it use to be. The ball pits are gone, the play areas are all plastic (and safe), and the seizure room (strobe light room) under the stage is a distant – if not still terrifying – memory. But they do still have the crazy animatronic characters in “The Showroom” singing an odd mix of 80’s and current music complete with extra loud eye lid clacks and slightly out of sync motions. Along with the surprisingly delicious pizza, it was the highlight of the trip for all 3 of us.