I set up a work-out area in the basement and this picture is the view from the elliptical machine. Up at the top of the frame is some motivational (and aspirational) material I put up. Why? Well, if B.A. Baracus doesn’t make you want to get ripped out of your gourd, nothing will. What is it about this semi-fictional (semi because the A-Team was based on a true story about a crack commando unit sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, duh) 80’s tv character that motivates me so much? Well if you haven’t seen the show then look no further than that picture. If all goes as planned, that will be me in a few months (minus the Mohawk, feather earrings, gold jewelry and denim vest but still with the beard and don’t f$&@ with me look on my face). And if I don’t get into Mr. T shape it’s probably because I found old episodes of the A Team on Hulu and watched those instead.