How to…


…look like a tool in 4 simple steps.

The following correspond to the numbers and circles in the above photo:
1. Mercedes Benz – on it’s own the tool factor varies from mildly pretentious to full on douche.
2. WELVDMB vanity plates – Yeah so do 90% of people that went to college from 1995 to the preset but they don’t advertise it on their Benz.
3. Firedancer window decal – just in case the license plate didn’t make it clear you are a huge Dave Matthews fan, you went the extra mile – thanks for that.
4. Visor – no, not the one attached to the ceiling in your car. The one that looks like a hat without a top. Hard to see it in the photo but the passenger is proudly sporting this iconic headwear – which in the absence of a golf course or a tennis court and when combined with items 1-3 definitely ups the tool ante a little more.

Full disclosure: I’ve been to a handful of DMB concerts and wouldn’t say no to driving a MB, so no offense to anyone. (But I’ll never wear a visor).