Spud or dud?


Beckett was playing with his US map puzzle and pointed to the potato guy on Idaho and said “Dada”. Not sure what to make of that.

Are you covered?


Well one way or another something’s bound to be showing in a hospital gown – pick your poison I suppose. But I like that they have to tell you which way to wear it. That means enough people put them on the wrong way that the staff was like, “we’re sick of seeing junks, let’s just put up a sign.”



I set up a work-out area in the basement and this picture is the view from the elliptical machine. Up at the top of the frame is some motivational (and aspirational) material I put up. Why? Well, if B.A. Baracus doesn’t make you want to get ripped out of your gourd, nothing will. What is it about this semi-fictional (semi because the A-Team was based on a true story about a crack commando unit sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, duh) 80’s tv character that motivates me so much? Well if you haven’t seen the show then look no further than that picture. If all goes as planned, that will be me in a few months (minus the Mohawk, feather earrings, gold jewelry and denim vest but still with the beard and don’t f$&@ with me look on my face). And if I don’t get into Mr. T shape it’s probably because I found old episodes of the A Team on Hulu and watched those instead.

How to…


…look like a tool in 4 simple steps.

The following correspond to the numbers and circles in the above photo:
1. Mercedes Benz – on it’s own the tool factor varies from mildly pretentious to full on douche.
2. WELVDMB vanity plates – Yeah so do 90% of people that went to college from 1995 to the preset but they don’t advertise it on their Benz.
3. Firedancer window decal – just in case the license plate didn’t make it clear you are a huge Dave Matthews fan, you went the extra mile – thanks for that.
4. Visor – no, not the one attached to the ceiling in your car. The one that looks like a hat without a top. Hard to see it in the photo but the passenger is proudly sporting this iconic headwear – which in the absence of a golf course or a tennis court and when combined with items 1-3 definitely ups the tool ante a little more.

Full disclosure: I’ve been to a handful of DMB concerts and wouldn’t say no to driving a MB, so no offense to anyone. (But I’ll never wear a visor).