Terrifying(ly Awesome)


What could be more terrifying than a flying shark? The a-hole of the seas now in the air? Scary stuff. Well as terrifying as that would be if it were a real flying shark, it is equally parts awesome as a 57″ remote control flying toy. You can buy yours here:  http://amzn.to/u2Gix7 and proceed to terrify your neighbors by flying it past their living room windows during “Shark Week”.  Or maybe you want to herd that pesky flock of geese south for the winter a couple months early (likely killing several of them with heart attacks in the process), the possibilities are really endless.

As an aside, the promo photo for this product is really weird looking, am I right? Too many out-of-scale superimposed things in one place. That kid and his dad? Not buying it. And is the remote really the size of a human torso? But really, who needs marketing material when you have a product like this! It sells itself!