Beer Me: Silver Creek Brewing Company (plus Cedarburg)


We took a mini staycation to Cedarburg to use a getaway package I got Tara for Christmas. It included a stay at the Washington House Inn, a Cedar Creek Winery tour, Rivoli Movie Theater tickets, and a certificate for a famous caramel apple. We enjoyed everything minus the movie tickets because Dolphin Tale was the only movie showing on the last one screen theater in Ozaukee County and I just didn’t want to have my spirit lifted up and my heart warmed as much as I wanted to drink some wine and beer to warm my stomach. So, after he twine and cheese hour at the inn we, of course, sniffed out a local brewery. Lucky for us Silver Creek Brewing Co was just a stones throw from the inn so we walked on over. The brewery is in a historic grist mill and that location and atmosphere might have been the best thing about this place; it was located on Cedar Creek and there was still water running through a portion of the mill next to the entrance to the brewery. The beers were tasty and I’d highly reccommend a visit to Cedarburg and Silver Creek Brewing.

Emasculated by a lomsk


No, it isn’t the title of a new adult oriented Dr. Suess book. It’s what the stupid assembly of a piece of children’s furniture (lomsk) made me feel like after struggling, swearing, and bleeding through the process. Oh well, it’s together now and ready for Christmas. Beckett better like it!

Merry Christmas and good luck with whatever instructions you’ll be following today!

Dear Santa…


Can I have this giant area rug for Christmas? Siberian Tigers in Outer-space are my favorite and I think this would look great in the man room.

PS If there is only one of these you can let Siegfried give it to Roy instead.

Old Milwaukee

These are great. I read that Will Ferrel likes Old Milwaukee beer so much he approached Pabst Brewing to do these ads – for free. 

They’re all over the place now but these are the two that were filmed in Milwaukee so I wanted to post them.

Terrifying(ly Awesome)


What could be more terrifying than a flying shark? The a-hole of the seas now in the air? Scary stuff. Well as terrifying as that would be if it were a real flying shark, it is equally parts awesome as a 57″ remote control flying toy. You can buy yours here: and proceed to terrify your neighbors by flying it past their living room windows during “Shark Week”.  Or maybe you want to herd that pesky flock of geese south for the winter a couple months early (likely killing several of them with heart attacks in the process), the possibilities are really endless.

As an aside, the promo photo for this product is really weird looking, am I right? Too many out-of-scale superimposed things in one place. That kid and his dad? Not buying it. And is the remote really the size of a human torso? But really, who needs marketing material when you have a product like this! It sells itself!

The mall has crap


Literally, we saw poop on the floor at the mall last night. Feces, bowel movement, excrement; it doesn’t matter what you call it – it was there.

I’ve added numbers to the above mall directory map to document the order of events that led to this “discovery”.

1. Something smells…bad. So I run through a few questions in my mind:  Is it me? (I did have a fish fry for dinner.) Is it Beckett? (Usually it is.) Is there a Cajun Express nearby? But the answer was no to all of those.

2. This is where I’m holding Beckett up so I can smell him for a second time. No, still not him. The smell is getting stronger.

3. My eyes are watering. Something is wrong here. I scan the area for someone changing a baby on a bench – nothing.

4. I see something out of the corner of my eye by the teeth whitening booth. I look closer and eureka, thar she blows. A steamy pile right there in the middle of the walkway.  Shouldn’t someone be doing something about this? I ask myself. 

5. I look back at it one more time as we hurry away, just to make sure I’m not hallucinating. I’m not.