Black Friday Balls


No, the title wasn’t the result of a horrible trampling accident. I was physically unscathed in our hunt for door busters. Mentally though, I don’t know how long it will take me to recover. From the line cutters at Target that scooped up all the 46″ TV’s to the lady at Sears (at 4am) that had to butt in front of me at the checkout for a “quick” question on where to get a replacement knob for her Kenmore range. Really lady you had to do that on Black Friday? Because I’m pretty sure the level of customer service varies inversely with the number of people in the store (amongst other things). That might be why the salesman’s response was “not here”.

Anyway I thought this picture of the front page of Sports Authority’s Black Friday ad epitomizes what a sale should be. 50% off every ball. Simple, all-inclusive, awesome.