After one of the craziest finishes to a baseball season ever imaginable Wednesday night we left the proverbial dial on ESPN for Sportscenter’s take on it all. The broadcast opened with this gem of a quote from anchor Scott Van Pelt, “Sports are better than anything else, always.” Well said.

Caution Seniors


The wicked smaht people in Cambridge, MA shouldn’t need this sign, should they? Good thing for a regular guy like me that it was there to provide caution just before that old guy jumped out with his walker…

Bigger balls?


I came across this excerpt from an otherwise boring engineering paper (written by some PhD nonetheless). The last sentence there is what you’re looking for – in case it didn’t jump out at you already.


Is apparently the name of this “Chatter” mascot walking up the stairs next to me. I enjoy mascots.

San Francisco Treat?


Maybe that’s what you’d call it if you stepped into a public elevator and saw what the sign is asking you not to do.

I’m not sure that the target audience for this sign isactually going to see the sign and think, “nah I’ll hold it until I get to my box”, pretty sure they’re still going to urinate and/or defecate in an elevator regardless of the threat of a court appearance. The concept should really go without saying, but this is California, so you know. And for whatever reason someone added a swastika to the sign too; maybe only Nazi’s are against relieving yourself in public spaces?

Beer Me: Lagunitas


We rented a car for a day while we were out in San Francisco and headed north across the Golden Gate bridge to see some big trees and maybe try some wine. Well, we barely saw any of those redwoods and we didn’t have any wine. But worry not, the day did not disappoint! Fate stepped in and led us to Petaluma – home of Lagunitas Brewing Company.  This wasn’t our first time there actually; we stumbled upon it back in 2007 during our Honeymoon out to CA. That visit has always been one of, if not the, favorite brewery tour we have ever had (all apologies to the great WI breweries we know and love). But back then the tour just involved the receptionist taking us through the running brewery, over hoses, past bottling lines, through puddles of spilled beer, and then a free tasting of all their beers in the awesome loft hangout overlooking the brewery. Fast forward to 2011 and Lagunitas now has an awesome indoor/outdoor “Beer Sanctuary”. The beers were still delicious and they’ve done a great job on the place – even if the quaintness of the first visit is gone a little. This place is a must stop beer drinkers’ paradise in the middle of northern CA wine country.


Beer Me: Speakeasy Brewery


You didn’t think we’d go on vacation without visiting a brewery did you?! O course not! We rode public transportation into the seediest part of San Fran to visit Speakeasy and sample all of their tasty brews. We even bought a growler to bring back to the hotel. Everything was tasty, the atmosphere was breweryery and we’re feelin good (read drunk). Don’t worry ‘rents we’re taxi ‘ing it back to the Holiday Inn. Beckett is happy and his stroller is transporting our growler full of Prohibition Ale. I’ll update this post with better pics later. Goodnight now.

The Band That Ruined Napster Sells Out


That’s right I’m talking about Metallica. And yours truly was there for their first ever corporate gig – Dreamforce 2011. They didn’t suck and I knew enough songs to enjoy it. I’m not a huge metal fan but they are classic so yeah.

And speaking of sell-outs, it looks like I unfortunately missed Will I Am at the “after party”. I wouldn’t say I’m missing it though considering they’ve been pumping “Tonight’s gonna be a good night” at the conference all week long… Ughh