Fair Food: Deep Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese on a Stick


Here’s a combination that just makes sense. These magical little fried and battered wedges of macaroni and cheese filled goodness know how to please. If it seems like there are too many adjectives in that sentence its because I can’t say enough about how good these are. If you come in through the tunnel entrance (under the track) take a quick right and look for the human size catfish next to a food trailer – that’s Catfish Johnny’s and thats where you can get yourself some of these – a great way to start (or finish) your day at the fair.

Verdict: Sticks Up!

State Fair! (Trip 2 Round-up)


The fair keeps me coming back like a calf to a full udder (seems like a relevant metaphor) and so we took a late afternoon trip (sans little Beckett) today to get some serious fairing in. And by serious fairing I mean eating and drinking more stuff.

Some of the more minor food experiences today included:

  1. Corn:  The New Berlin Lion’s Club stand churns it out by the thousands. It’s so good I’m tempted to go down to Potawatami Bingo and thank a Native American for introducing it to the Pilgrims all those years ago.
  2. Apple Donut:  It was still warm, it was good, and at $.75 you can’t go wrong.
  3. Pickle in a Cone:  You read that right. Tara had to have one and she ate it right down to the cone. Seemed to be a convenient way to eat a pickle…I suppose. I took a bite and it was tasty. Find it in the Exposition Center amongst the other gems you just can’t pass by.
  4. (Actually 3B) PJ: That stand for pickle juice and according to the label it will help “Stop Muscle Cramps”. What the label doesn’t mention is the stomach cramps it causes – in the form of vomiting. 
  5. Cookie Dough on a Stick:  I get this every year and enjoy a love/hate relationship with this delicacy. It is soooo good but it gets rough towards the end and sticks with you for a bit. I opted for the sugar cookie dough dipped in chocolate and sprinkles this time but the combinations are endless.

Other fun finds at the fair:

  1. The old guy with a Lady Gaga t-shirt and a “Born This Way” (in apparent reference to her second album) tatt on his bicep. I can only hope he lost a bet. 
  2. What I can only assume was a talent show in the expo building. My favorite? The surprisingly limber dancing senior citizen couple.


Fair Drink: Cream Puff Ale


We make a stop every year at “The Micro” for a Cream Puff Ale from Milwaukee Brewing Co. The Micro features a few dozen local and regional micro brews but we always seem to stick to the WI State Fair exclusive brew Cream Puff Ale.  It isn’t anything like a Cream Puff and is instead really refreshing, similar to a Leine’s Sunset Wheat but maybe a little lighter. Anyway, it’s our favorite for it’s taste and because Tara set off the sirens and won a shirt when she killed the keg on it a couple years back.

Verdict: Awesome – get a large

Fair Food: Deep Fried Cheese Curds


Be still mi corazon de queso…

…I don’t know, it just popped into my head when Tara pulled that one out of the bunch. Plus I do heart cheese curds. The best ones at the fair (in my opinion) are from Brad and Harry’s located in the main mall area.

Verdict: Classic fair fare not to be missed


Fair Food: Deep Fried Butter


No that’s not a typo – it really exists and I tried it (so you won’t have to). First off, let me just give credit to The Machine Shed for continuing to push the envelope on fair food (other offerings include deep fried PB & J, Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, and chocoloate covered bacon). The deep fried butter was basically a wonton(ish) type wrapping with a tablespoon or more of butter inside. It was mostly melted (due to the deep frying – duh) and the first bite was explosive. HOT BUTTER! But I caught on and took one down – intense amount of butter. So for the next few I nibbled a hole in the butter filled nuggets to drain 90% of the butter out before eating ’em. This helped but there was still a lot of butter going into my system so I had to dump the pool of butter and the last little nugget into the trash – it’s a cruel world.

Verdict: Too far?

Fair Food: Country Fried Bacon on a Stick


And we continue our journey down the state fair food rabbit hole…On my way back from getting a refill at the Root Beer Barrel I walked past a food stand that had “Bacon on a Stick” on it’s board. Well, I’m not going to pass that up with out introducing myself; so I plunked down a few bucks and said, “hello bacon”.  These things were actually pretty good – they were breaded, extra crispy, and not as greasy as you’d think. But, it was a little tough to get through it all so I skipped the country gravy, the third piece of bacon and said goodbye.

Verdict – Half Stick Up

Fair Food: Deep Fried Cheesesteak on a Stick


This one might just be the fairest of the fair. I know it is for Tara. This marvel of food engineering comes from Cousin’s Subs. I like cheeseteaks and I like Cousin’s bread so when you combine the two, deep fry them and put it all on a stick – you’re going to have a winner on your hands (and in your mouth).

Verdict: Two Sticks Up

Fair Food: Chocolate Covered Cranberries on a Stick


State Fair comes but once a year and it’s important to make the most of it. So in order to sample the most foods possible you have to think about what order you eat them in. That being said, I felt like I might be taking a risk starting the day with a dessert item like the chocolate covered cranberries on a stick. But this tasty treat from the WI Cranberry Growers Association was calling my name as we strolled through the Wisconsin Product Pavilion at around 10:30am. So, I ordered one up and got a fresh Cranberry juice to chase it down. It was basically a clump of Craisins drizzled/dunked in chocolate with a stick through ’em and while it was tricky to eat without them falling off, it was tasty and worked out just fine as the lead-off hitter of my State Fair lineup.

Verdict: Sticks Up!

State Fair!!!


One of my (and Tara’s) favorite times of year is here! Wisconsin State Fair time! Sure you might think, “What’s the big deal with the fair?” Well if you have to ask, then you won’t understand. It’s a feeling you get deep down in your gut – and that is only partly due to the glorious selection of food that ends up in that very location with every fair visit.

I took the day off of work so we could get there early on opening day and get the party started. I had the State Fair food list ready to go on the ol’ iPhone and there were some exciting new additions to the list this year (an individual review of each of these will follow in their own posts). Which food will be crowned fairest of the fair in my heart (hopefully not permanently in the form of deep fried cholesterol) this year? I don’t know yet – it’ll take a few trips, a handful of sticks, lots of napkins, and more than a little milk (to wash it all down) in order to find out.

General observations:

  • Stallis never dissapoints in producing some of the finest specimens for people watching you’ll ever see.
  • The signage at State Fair is awesome and should never be changed (see Restrooms, Restrooms, Restrooms photo)
  • Cows are fun to look at, not as much fun to smell
  • It was hot today and although human sweat is generally made up of mainly water, sodium and a handful of other minerals; I’m pretty sure the composition shifts to mostly dairy after a visit to Herb’s Superb Milk House. Basically what I’m saying is, the milk sweats are real.
  • I’m pretty sure my body produces a natural form of the weightloss drug Alli after visiting the fair. No further explanation will be provided on this one.

Stay tuned for more from the fair.



It slices, it dices…


It cools two or more people at once. It’s our new ceiling fan! You can turn on both fans and make the whole thing rotate – it’s like a baby mobile for adults.