State Fair! (Trip 3 Round-up)


Some of you might be thinking this is excessive, three trips to the State Fair in a 10 day period? Well, it’s not excessive, it’s called commitment. It’s also called pacing yourself – there is a lot to take in at the fair and by take in I mean take in to my mouth; I can only eat so much before I will literally just fall over. And you don’t want to fall over at the fairgrounds for multiple reasons, one of them being that there is often poop on the ground.

So what did a third trip to the Wisconsin State Fair involve? Well, follow along with the pictures and associated list below to find out.

  1. Another stop at The Micro for some more Cream Puff Ale was always part of the plan. Unfortunately we didn’t kill the keg. We did witness two kegs get killed though – always an exciting event.
  2. The Native American Wood Flute Ensemble (I don’t really know what they are called) is a staple at the fair – and most every event I’ve ever been to for some reason – the notes dancing out of their instruments are always matched by the drunk middle aged people dancing in front of their tent.
  3. The WE Energies area at the fair educates kids about energy stuff – we just use it as a place to sit. The “Smell Gas?” picture seemed applicable given the state of my gastrointestinal system.
  4. $1 Robinades. As in Lemonade from Robin Yount. I shouldn’t need to say anymore about this.
  5. A “down the chute” look at my cheese on a stick. It’s basically a corn dog if the dog were replaced with cheddar cheese. I liked it.
  6. Chicken “Tikiyaki” from Tiki Tapas. It’s on a stick so it qualifies as fair food, but just barely. Tara got this though and it was a nice change of pace for her.
  7. Grilled Cheese from the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Simple and delicious. I was almost finished before I remembered to take a picture.
  8. Baked Potatoes from the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Choose your own toppings. Can’t decide? Don’t worry you really can’t go wrong.
  9. The Cream Puff Pavilion. Is there anything more representative of the Wisconsin State Fair? We picked up a six pack to go on our way out (some were for sharing with others). I saved mine for breakfast the next day – because, like drugs, you may experience withdrawal from fair food if you don’t wean yourself off slowly.
  10. Tara picked up a frozen Cheesecake on a stick for dessert. Too rich for her to finish so I gave some of it a good home before it met its final resting place in the cow printed trash can. We both agreed it was good but probably too much and too rich.
  11. Not to be outdone by my wife I went out in search of a dessert of my own. I settled on what I’d like to think was a “healthy” choice – the $2.00 Cranberry Juice and Cranberry Cookie combo. Refreshing juice and a tasty chewy cookie was a great way to finish the night.