State Fair! (Trip 2 Round-up)


The fair keeps me coming back like a calf to a full udder (seems like a relevant metaphor) and so we took a late afternoon trip (sans little Beckett) today to get some serious fairing in. And by serious fairing I mean eating and drinking more stuff.

Some of the more minor food experiences today included:

  1. Corn:  The New Berlin Lion’s Club stand churns it out by the thousands. It’s so good I’m tempted to go down to Potawatami Bingo and thank a Native American for introducing it to the Pilgrims all those years ago.
  2. Apple Donut:  It was still warm, it was good, and at $.75 you can’t go wrong.
  3. Pickle in a Cone:  You read that right. Tara had to have one and she ate it right down to the cone. Seemed to be a convenient way to eat a pickle…I suppose. I took a bite and it was tasty. Find it in the Exposition Center amongst the other gems you just can’t pass by.
  4. (Actually 3B) PJ: That stand for pickle juice and according to the label it will help “Stop Muscle Cramps”. What the label doesn’t mention is the stomach cramps it causes – in the form of vomiting. 
  5. Cookie Dough on a Stick:  I get this every year and enjoy a love/hate relationship with this delicacy. It is soooo good but it gets rough towards the end and sticks with you for a bit. I opted for the sugar cookie dough dipped in chocolate and sprinkles this time but the combinations are endless.

Other fun finds at the fair:

  1. The old guy with a Lady Gaga t-shirt and a “Born This Way” (in apparent reference to her second album) tatt on his bicep. I can only hope he lost a bet. 
  2. What I can only assume was a talent show in the expo building. My favorite? The surprisingly limber dancing senior citizen couple.