State Fair!!!


One of my (and Tara’s) favorite times of year is here! Wisconsin State Fair time! Sure you might think, “What’s the big deal with the fair?” Well if you have to ask, then you won’t understand. It’s a feeling you get deep down in your gut – and that is only partly due to the glorious selection of food that ends up in that very location with every fair visit.

I took the day off of work so we could get there early on opening day and get the party started. I had the State Fair food list ready to go on the ol’ iPhone and there were some exciting new additions to the list this year (an individual review of each of these will follow in their own posts). Which food will be crowned fairest of the fair in my heart (hopefully not permanently in the form of deep fried cholesterol) this year? I don’t know yet – it’ll take a few trips, a handful of sticks, lots of napkins, and more than a little milk (to wash it all down) in order to find out.

General observations:

  • Stallis never dissapoints in producing some of the finest specimens for people watching you’ll ever see.
  • The signage at State Fair is awesome and should never be changed (see Restrooms, Restrooms, Restrooms photo)
  • Cows are fun to look at, not as much fun to smell
  • It was hot today and although human sweat is generally made up of mainly water, sodium and a handful of other minerals; I’m pretty sure the composition shifts to mostly dairy after a visit to Herb’s Superb Milk House. Basically what I’m saying is, the milk sweats are real.
  • I’m pretty sure my body produces a natural form of the weightloss drug Alli after visiting the fair. No further explanation will be provided on this one.

Stay tuned for more from the fair.