Hammer Time


Anytime MC Hammer is at a keynote for a conference you’re at you know it can’t be all bad. The “you can touch this” joke (in reference to an iPad app) by the CEO seemed a little cheap, but I still laughed, you really can’t go wrong with Hammer at your side.

Half the Story


I looked up at the marquee of Fox Bay Cinema as I walked down the sidewalk and couldn’t help but giggle (and snap a pic) as I read down the side of the sign that I could see: APES POOH IN REAR

Is That A Roll of Rolos In Your Pocket?


Or do you just want a McFlurry.

I was surprised and a little confused to see that McDonalds chose the obscure Rolo as only their third overall choice of mix-in for their McFlurry dessert. For years I’ve only seen the obvious (and popular) choices of Oreos and M&M’s which both make sense to me. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the marketing meeting up at corporate headquarters where they discussed adding a third option. Reeses, Butterfinger, Crunch? No no no. They took a hard left at that meeting of the minds and went with Rolos. What marketing genius suggested Rolos? Were Whatchamacallits, Clark Bars or Charleston Chews also on their list?

Q-tip Baby


Sorry “A Tribe Called Quest” fans, this isn’t about that Q-tip or any possibly related infants; no, this is about the cotton swab variety and this picture of the back of the box showing an eerily small (in relation to said swab) baby head. If your baby’s head is actually the size of three keyboard keys, you better hope these are prenatal q-tips and you’ve found a way to poke it through prego’s belly button. Also, do people actually use q-tips to brush their baby’s hairs? One or two at a time? Sorry Beckett we’re sticking to the good ol’ plastic comb.

Fair Fare and Farewell


As I write this post a single tear runs down my cheek; this will be my last Wisconsin State Fair related post of 2011. But, all good things must come to an end, and it wouldn’t be so special if it wasn’t just once a year.

That being said, I leave you with this picture gallery of some of the wondrous miracle products available for purchase at the Expo Center. I’m a bit of a sucker for “As Seen on TV” goods so I seriously enjoy walking these aisles (I’ll post some reviews someday of some of these truly amazing products that I do own). This year I wasn’t going to buy anything but when I spilled some soda in Beckett’s stroller plain old napkins just wouldn’t do. I needed something way more absorbent. You know where this is going… Shamwow you say? Close, but not quite, I got something even better – Magicloths! 30% thicker than the Shamwow!! When they upped the deal to 2 for the price of 1, my hand was on my wallet. When they threw in the free Magicloth Mop I pushed the old guy next to me out of the way and made sure I was first in line. So now I’ve got enough Magicloth material to last a lifetime, or to sew myself a nice super absorbent sport coat or something – we’ll see.

‘Til next year – goodbye fair.


Bierbrauers vs. Piratens


It was German day at the ballpark Sunday and both teams had their German translated name across their jerseys. The Brewers finished off the sweep of the aptly named Piratens whose rotten luck at Miller Park continued. Another close one though. How do you say T Plush in German?

On a side note, it was great to see the fans give a huge standing o to Craig Counsel (in honor of it being his bobble head day) despite his buck fifty batting average. Classy.

Fair Food: Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog on a Stick


Whaaat!? This one jumped out at me from the first day I ran my eyes across the WI State Fair Food on a Stick list. I felt the time was finally right for me to give’r a try. The title of this unholy combination of pork products tells you all you need to know about it. Unfortunately it was just alright. The hot dog wasn’t anything special and the bacon could have been crispier. They should have left it in the fryer a little longer maybe. But I Joey Chestnut’d it down the shoot and that was that.

Verdict: Half Stick Up

Fair Food: Deep Fried PB&J on a stick


Your initial reaction to just hearing about this will probably be a good indication of how you’ll feel about it. Love peanut butter and jelly? Maybe you love either of those toppings on toast? Then you’ll love this. I know I do. I’ve been told by those who would know these things (thanks Cyra and Crystal) that all this is – is a Smucker’s Uncrustable (check your local grocer’s freezer) deep fried with a popsicle stick jammed up its end. Makes no difference to me, it’s delicious. And kudos to the Machine Shed for figuring out how to sell that in droves for $4 a pop. 

Verdict: Sticks Up

State Fair! (Trip 3 Round-up)


Some of you might be thinking this is excessive, three trips to the State Fair in a 10 day period? Well, it’s not excessive, it’s called commitment. It’s also called pacing yourself – there is a lot to take in at the fair and by take in I mean take in to my mouth; I can only eat so much before I will literally just fall over. And you don’t want to fall over at the fairgrounds for multiple reasons, one of them being that there is often poop on the ground.

So what did a third trip to the Wisconsin State Fair involve? Well, follow along with the pictures and associated list below to find out.

  1. Another stop at The Micro for some more Cream Puff Ale was always part of the plan. Unfortunately we didn’t kill the keg. We did witness two kegs get killed though – always an exciting event.
  2. The Native American Wood Flute Ensemble (I don’t really know what they are called) is a staple at the fair – and most every event I’ve ever been to for some reason – the notes dancing out of their instruments are always matched by the drunk middle aged people dancing in front of their tent.
  3. The WE Energies area at the fair educates kids about energy stuff – we just use it as a place to sit. The “Smell Gas?” picture seemed applicable given the state of my gastrointestinal system.
  4. $1 Robinades. As in Lemonade from Robin Yount. I shouldn’t need to say anymore about this.
  5. A “down the chute” look at my cheese on a stick. It’s basically a corn dog if the dog were replaced with cheddar cheese. I liked it.
  6. Chicken “Tikiyaki” from Tiki Tapas. It’s on a stick so it qualifies as fair food, but just barely. Tara got this though and it was a nice change of pace for her.
  7. Grilled Cheese from the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Simple and delicious. I was almost finished before I remembered to take a picture.
  8. Baked Potatoes from the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Choose your own toppings. Can’t decide? Don’t worry you really can’t go wrong.
  9. The Cream Puff Pavilion. Is there anything more representative of the Wisconsin State Fair? We picked up a six pack to go on our way out (some were for sharing with others). I saved mine for breakfast the next day – because, like drugs, you may experience withdrawal from fair food if you don’t wean yourself off slowly.
  10. Tara picked up a frozen Cheesecake on a stick for dessert. Too rich for her to finish so I gave some of it a good home before it met its final resting place in the cow printed trash can. We both agreed it was good but probably too much and too rich.
  11. Not to be outdone by my wife I went out in search of a dessert of my own. I settled on what I’d like to think was a “healthy” choice – the $2.00 Cranberry Juice and Cranberry Cookie combo. Refreshing juice and a tasty chewy cookie was a great way to finish the night.