Meat of the Week: Philly Way


I’m calling it Milwaukee’s best cheesesteak and I’m pretty sure you would too. I get mine with onions, mushrooms, hot peppers, and here’s the key – Cheese Whiz. Sure you could get real cheese (they offer Provolone, American or Monterey Jack) but why deprive yourself of that smooth yellowy orange goodness that is cheese from a can.
Philly Way has two locations – 2nd St in Walker’s Point or Cudahy. I’ve only been to the 2nd St location and it is about as close to a hole in the wall as you’re going to get anywhere but that just adds to the appeal.
So check out and enjoy.

Sausage Mirage


Maybe it was the heat, but is that a sombrero wearing sausage walking down the street?


It is! Love that the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages came to Bay View for the parade today.

Mysterious Bagpiper of the South Shore Woods


We were biking down the lakeshore this morning when we heard beautiful bagpipe music in the air. “Must be a wedding”, Tara said. Well, that would have made more sense but instead it was just a lone bagpiper – piping his bag for the sea…err lake.

Summerfest Observations


After two trips to Summerfest so far this year here are a couple thoughts.

1. When you bring that many people together you are bound to get some crazies. Is the percentage higher at Summerfest than out in the world? I don’t know but I think it increases as you move through the grounds towards the lake – peaking in the area around the tiki/hippy hut and exclusive goth picnic area (I never understood that one).  

2. They’ve added some new food vendors this year and I appreciate the variety and local establishments. The reuben rolls (a reuben sandwhich in a deep fried egg roll) was a tasty treat and I just read about the lasagna on a stick (next time). Summerfest isn’t the place to gorge on food (that honor belongs to State Fair – 32 days 10 hours 39 minutes away) but it’s nice to have options. Personally I don’t think I could eat that much and proceed to stand (potentially on a bleacher or picnic table bench that may or may not hold the dozen or so people per square foot packed on to it) for a few hours watching music.

3. As I approach the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday I can now feel both old and young at when at Summerfest. When 50 year olds are dancing on picnic tables at Third Eye Blind – I feel young. When pre-teens who weren’t born the first time I saw Third Eye Blind at Summerfest are screaming for their songs – I feel old. (FYI Tara wanted to see Third Eye Blind.)

4. If I have to wait for anymore chains of 20 teenagers holding hands to pass by before crossing a walkway I’m going to red rover, red rover, let Adam come over right through them.

5. On the shuttle bus ride home to Bay View I saw three guys with face tatoos. It was dark but I’m pretty sure one of them had a beard tattoo. If I wasn’t scared of guys with face tattoos I would have taken his picture and then might have said “Dude, God gave you a freebie on that one, you can grow one of those.” But then I would have felt bad because he probably would have had some rare case of alopecia that just affects his face and the beard tattoo was his only option to complete his hipster image.