Beer Me: Deadwood


I had two local-ish brews (among other things which i’ll get to) during my stay in Deadwood, SD. First was a Crow Peak Cream Ale from Spearfish, SD – it was light and smooth. It quenched my thirst for a cold one and I enjoyed it while watching a Wild Bill Hickock impersonator get assassinated. Later I had a Boulevard Brewing Co. Unfiltered Wheat. I’m a big fan of wheat beers and this one didn’t disappoint.

To continue the Deadwood experience I reluctantly partook in the consumption of some Rocky Mountain Oysters. I hate to admit that they weren’t all that bad; I washed them down with the familiar taste of Miller Lite (please withhold jokes that the “oysters” were also a familiar taste for me).

On the way back up to my room I stopped at the casino gift shop where they thankfully had over-priced dental floss for sale – I think I still have bits o’ balls stuck in my teeth…

Beer Me: Blacktooth Brewing Co


I’m out in Wyoming for work so I asked for a local brew at the restaurant last night. They gave me this Amber from Sheridan, WY’s Blacktooth Brewing Company. It was pretty good – no real strong flavors to it – good drinkability. Not in the way Budweiser advertises drinkability (read watery) but in the way that I could drink two 25oz mugs before dinner and feel good about what I just poured in my mouf.

Workplace Safety


I saw this in my employer’s Wyoming office – I guess it makes sense given the large tiger population in the Great Plains. Either that or Siegfried and Roy now make office posters in lieu of performing magic on large jungle cats…

Kate Plus 8 at my Gate


I hate to give this lady anymore exposure, but how often do I see something like this. Pretty sure they’re on my flight to Rapid City. Weird.

Update: They were on my flight and they sat in coach not that far from me, probably because there are so dang many of them they needed the three across seating. The kids are pretty cute even if I can’t say the same about their mom.

Meat of the Week – Goldilocks Burgers


Cause there are three sizes…
Ideally the papa burger would have been super huge and awesome looking but let’s get real – meat is kind of expensive and I don’t need that much food.
What’s that?
Why yes I did stuff the papa burger with cheese, thanks for asking.

Triple Atomic


We went back to Quaker Steak and Lube to watch Mark take on the Triple Atomic wings (three times hotter than last time). Mark asked for a side of JalapeƱos to “cool his mouth down” and proceeded to finish everything with only a few tense moments. It was pretty impressive. Mark summed it up with, “bring on the pepper spray.”