Meat of the Week – Happy Beef


I lumped my Rocky Mountain Oyster review (which are indeed meat, not seafood) in with the Deadwood “Beer Me” post from last week. So check that out for last week’s meat review.

This week’s meat discussion comes from the butcher case at Whole Foods. I’m not generally much of a participant in the whole organic movement but Whole Foods is a nice store so we go there once in a while.  They rank their meat on a scale of 1 to 5 – based on how it was treated when it was alive – so that seems like a nice thing since I love animals both alive and on my plate. To paraphrase their ratings, 1 means something like “treated pretty well” and 5 basically means “you wish you were ever treated this well at any point in your life.”  Needless to say, I bought some “1” rated ground beef because I generally prefer my meat to cost less per pound than most precious metals.

So, how was the meat? It was really good. Happy cows do make happy meat (it doesn’t matter if that makes sense, the beef made tasty burgers).

Note: That is my finger creeping into the upper left corner of the above picture. Reason being is that it’s weird to see a guy taking a picture of a butcher case in the grocery store so I was trying to be discreet – like I was sending a text message instead of snapping shots of raw beef – and that’s the result.