Beer Me: Deadwood


I had two local-ish brews (among other things which i’ll get to) during my stay in Deadwood, SD. First was a Crow Peak Cream Ale from Spearfish, SD – it was light and smooth. It quenched my thirst for a cold one and I enjoyed it while watching a Wild Bill Hickock impersonator get assassinated. Later I had a Boulevard Brewing Co. Unfiltered Wheat. I’m a big fan of wheat beers and this one didn’t disappoint.

To continue the Deadwood experience I reluctantly partook in the consumption of some Rocky Mountain Oysters. I hate to admit that they weren’t all that bad; I washed them down with the familiar taste of Miller Lite (please withhold jokes that the “oysters” were also a familiar taste for me).

On the way back up to my room I stopped at the casino gift shop where they thankfully had over-priced dental floss for sale – I think I still have bits o’ balls stuck in my teeth…