No Parking (unless you’re dead)


I snuck up to the front windows with the camera, zoomed in on this guy parked in front of our house, and took that picture. I was pretty convinced he was dead and I was just about ready to go reach through the window with Beckett’s chomper toy and find out for sure…but it was really hot outside so I just waited it out. When I looked again he was gone – he must have eventually he woke up from his coma and left..or he got towed, I don’t know.

Don’t worry, I’m just kidding, I saw him drive off, everything was fine. I’m sure he died on someone elses street.

You never know…


…when you’re going to need a box of wiping cloths. I don’t know why these are mildly amusing to me; maybe it’s because they are “processed for absorbency”, or maybe it’s because the box doesn’t tell you how many there are but just that there are 5 lbs of them, but probably it’s just because it’s a box of wiping cloths and I’m kind of immature.

Facebook Misuse – Ryan’s a Hippo


It’s always entertaining to watch your parents attempts to embrace technology.

There’s a Zoo in the UP that my mom frequents and likes to tell us about. So it wasn’t unusual to see a photo of a hippo posted on my brother’s wall the other day. What was unusual was that my mom tagged that hippo as Ryan Scheuerman. When I talked to her later I asked, “Why’d you tag Ryan as a hippo?” She replied, “Isn’t that how you tell someone you want them to look at a picture?” I then explained to her, “no, tagging means that person is in the picture – you just told everyone your son is a hippo.” 

Meat of the Week – Happy Beef


I lumped my Rocky Mountain Oyster review (which are indeed meat, not seafood) in with the Deadwood “Beer Me” post from last week. So check that out for last week’s meat review.

This week’s meat discussion comes from the butcher case at Whole Foods. I’m not generally much of a participant in the whole organic movement but Whole Foods is a nice store so we go there once in a while.  They rank their meat on a scale of 1 to 5 – based on how it was treated when it was alive – so that seems like a nice thing since I love animals both alive and on my plate. To paraphrase their ratings, 1 means something like “treated pretty well” and 5 basically means “you wish you were ever treated this well at any point in your life.”  Needless to say, I bought some “1” rated ground beef because I generally prefer my meat to cost less per pound than most precious metals.

So, how was the meat? It was really good. Happy cows do make happy meat (it doesn’t matter if that makes sense, the beef made tasty burgers).

Note: That is my finger creeping into the upper left corner of the above picture. Reason being is that it’s weird to see a guy taking a picture of a butcher case in the grocery store so I was trying to be discreet – like I was sending a text message instead of snapping shots of raw beef – and that’s the result.



I love these things. Having a kid is a great excuse to buy stuff I’m way too old to play with buy still want to.

Stupid Tree


Yes Mazy, that is a huge piece of tree.
No, I don’t know why we cut it down on the hottest week of the year.
Sure I’d love to roll in sawdust with you.

Big dead tree + 100 degree weather = Crazy Adam (aka heat stroke)

Brat Stop


My bus to O’hare stopped at this Kenosha establishment to pick up some more riders (even though the bus was full) and I really wanted to get out. Cheese, brats, sandwiches – yes! “Families welcome” is nice to see as well; there are way too many brat stops these days where families are strictly prohibited.



We were planning our road-trip to Maine tonight when I got this fortune from my fortune cookie. I’m sure the fortune writers probably meant China by “east” but still, Maine is east, I don’t know, I think it works…

Reptile Gardens


What do you do when Delta can’t get it’s $hit together and you’re stuck in Rapid City? You go to Reptile Gardens of course. I made friends with Quasimodo – a giant Tortoise – and caught a bird show too! Amazing! Or just a cheesy tourist trap. Either way, it’s for me.