Interview of the Year

I had to watch this Nyjer Morgan interview from the Met’s series a couple times today to cheer up after that awful game this afternoon. 


Atomic Wings


We went to Quaker Steak and Lube to have lunch with Mark and watch him do the atomic wing challenge. He signed the waiver after asking if people die and finding out, “no, they just go blind if they touch their eyes”. He made it through without much trouble (or blindness) so now we’re hoping he’ll go back for the triple atomic wings and get on the “Wall of Flame”. Thanks for the entertainment Mark.

Beer Run!


We ran in the Locust St beer run today. Beckett too! Someone even yelled that we were the 2nd place stroller – mostly thanks to Tara for setting the pace and pushing it when I got tired. It was extra awesome when Hot Dog and Chorizo were at the finish giving out high fives. We’re looking to put together a team for next year so start training (drinking) now – the running part is optional – see Megan and Bob finishing 10 minutes behind us.

Station Wagon Rapture


If you live(d) in Milwaukee there’s a good chance you’ve seen this guy tooling around in his apocalyptic station wagon. I got behind him on the way home and snapped this pic. One sign that stood out read as follows: “If I were the devil I would steel, kill, distroy your children.” So, who needs a babysitter???

That’s Swede!


I know Ikea stuff should be easy to put together, but it is occasionally infuriating. Pictures are great and all, but sometimes its difficult to tell if the piece with 5 holes should be screwed into the identical piece with 4 holes using the medium-ish sized screws as opposed to the medium large or medium small ones. It doesn’t help when the pages are numbered: 5, 3, 9, 7, 11. It’s as bad as pushing a Trondheim out your Aspelund.