Haulin’ Oats


We were haulin’ ass to Summerfest yesterday to see this dynamic duo of 80’s fame. The USDA recommends 5 cups of grains per day and I feel like I got them all at once with a healthy serving of Darryl Hall and side of John Oates!

The Classic Rock stage was completely packed and justifiably so! You really don’t realize just how many Hall and Oates songs are instantly recognizable. Growing up in the 80’s they must have been playing in the background all the time without me even knowing who it was until I got a little bit older. Now we like to rock old Hall and Oates vinyls for Beckett to hear (and learn to dance to).

Wednesday night they played all their hits – starting with Maneater and ending with Private Eyes – and they all sounded pretty good! They really picked it up with the two encores and I’m pretty sure the entire crowd was dancing for “You Make My Dreams Come True” (which was entertaining given the age range in attendance).  It was awesome to get the chance to see them live – they said they haven’t been here in at least 10 years and I’m sure it might be awhile before they come back.