Haulin’ Oats


We were haulin’ ass to Summerfest yesterday to see this dynamic duo of 80’s fame. The USDA recommends 5 cups of grains per day and I feel like I got them all at once with a healthy serving of Darryl Hall and side of John Oates!

The Classic Rock stage was completely packed and justifiably so! You really don’t realize just how many Hall and Oates songs are instantly recognizable. Growing up in the 80’s they must have been playing in the background all the time without me even knowing who it was until I got a little bit older. Now we like to rock old Hall and Oates vinyls for Beckett to hear (and learn to dance to).

Wednesday night they played all their hits – starting with Maneater and ending with Private Eyes – and they all sounded pretty good! They really picked it up with the two encores and I’m pretty sure the entire crowd was dancing for “You Make My Dreams Come True” (which was entertaining given the age range in attendance).  It was awesome to get the chance to see them live – they said they haven’t been here in at least 10 years and I’m sure it might be awhile before they come back.



I clipped this mirror to the shelf above my desk so I know when people are standing behind me. Then without even moving (and before they can open their fat mouths) I can tell them to go pound sand.

Just kidding coworkers! I’m a team player!

Wrong Feet


Guess who got Beckett ready to go out in this picture…
In my defense he was laying on his stomach and everything seemed backwards, or normal, I don’t know. Either way I just feel pretty good that I got them velcroed – baby stuff is small!

Cheese Orphans


Hello, I’m interested in adoption, or at the very least becoming a foster parent. Any color will do.

Meat of the Week – Camp Bacon


I’m now replacing “Sausage of the Week” with “Meat of the Week”. Mostly because eating that much sausage could be detrimental to my health. I’ll now try to post a meat feature each week – whether or not it is something I’m currently consuming.

This weeks post features a link to a story about various Bacon Festivals taking place around the country (and in my heart) this summer.


My favorite quote: 

…tickets are still available for July 2’s all- day shindig featuring breakfast, lunch and more bacon than you knew you could eat…


Where does it hurt?


I went to some physical therapy a few months ago for a back injury; this was one of the exercises they gave me to do. Possible questions include:
Which one am I?
Do I need to use any protection? (I meant like a yoga mat or something)
Can I please keep my clothes on?
Does Tracy Morgan hate this stretch?
Is this stretch popular? In prison?
Can I just take an Advil?

Wisconsin Beer Lover’s Festival


As a lover of Wisconin beer and a Wisconsinite that loves beer, this festival was doubly awesome!

There was a great selection of Wisconsin Craft and Micro Brewers represented in the streets of Bayshore Town Center and they each had multiple brews for sampling.  I tried to keep track of everything we tasted and I was going to write some comments about each beer too, but they were all good and there was too much to drink to worry about that.  I also started neglecting to write down the exact name of the beer as the afternoon went on, but it should be close. So, here’s a list of what we had (and thanks to Tara being the designated driver this is mostly what I had):

Angry Minnow Last Notch, Big Bay Brewing Company Pale Ale and Boatilla, Bull Falls Brewery Lager and Weizen, Capital Brewery Hop Cream and Weizen, Central Waters IPA, Chameleon Brewing Company Witty, Fox River Brewing Co Abbey Normal and Maibock, Grumpy Troll Brewery Norwegian Wit, Lake Louie Brewing Mosquito Bite, Milwaukee Brewing Company Bock, Northwood Brewing Floppin’ Crappie Ale, O’so Brewing Picnic Ants and Hop Whoopin’, Pearl Street Brewery El Hefe and IPA, Potosi Brewing Company Steamboat Shandy, Silver Creek Brewing Vintage Ale, South Shore Brewery Honey Maibock and Red Lager, Point 2012 and Nude Beach, Stone Cellar Six Grain, Titletown Brewing Apricary and Johnny Blood Red, Vintage Brewing Co Spring Bock and Wit, and finally Woodman Brewery Red Ale and Coconut Wheat. 

My favorites included the Pearl’s El Hefe and South Shore’s Red – Tara really like their Honey Maibock too.

And as if all that tasty beer wasn’t enough, each brewery was paired with a restaurant and food sample! That was amazing in itself. The best was the Blackened Whitefish Sandwhich from South Shore Brewery – super tasty and probably worth a drive up to Ashland, WI.

(Thanks Tara for getting us tickets and making it a great Father’s Day weekend.)



Nothing against vegetarians or anything – I like a black bean or veggie burger from time to time – but what the balls is this? Why are they even called meatballs? Even when prefaced by meatless it doesn’t make sense. They could call them “meatless balls” I suppose, but that still leaves their composition a mystery. How about “soy wads” or “ground up and pressed back together into lump shaped vegetable de-lites”, I don’t know. I tell you what Veggie Patch, batter it, deep fry it, put on a stick and I’d be glad to give it a good home.