Ironic Promo Combination


I’m going to save myself the “standard text messaging rates” that apply and assume that the “healthy living tip” is probably not to accept that free combo upgrade? Oh yeah and probably not to go to Taco Johns on soft-shell Saturday.

Sausage of the Week Substitute


It wasn’t a sausage but it was still a whole lotta meat. I had a quad burger at AJ Bombers in honor of Tara’s birthday (or because of my insatiable hunger for burgers) but either way it was really good and now my name’s on the wall. Big thanks to Crystal for setting the pace!

McDonald’s Shake!


I was in line inside McDonald’s this morning and witnessed the following exchange at the register in front of me between a weird guy that kind of looked like the above picture and a McDonald’s employee.  My comments are in parentheses.

Weird guy:  I need a shake. (no mention as to what size or what kind)
McD:  I’m sorry we don’t have any shakes right now. (8am would be an understandable time not to have shakes if there was going to be one)
Weird guy:  What??!!!
McD:  We’re cleaning the shake machine.
Weird guy:  My wife needs a shake.
McD:  Maybe a smoothie or a frappe instead?
Weird guy:  NO!!! A SHAKE! She just had surgery and she can only drink shakes! (Really? Is that surgery the opposite of lipo?)
McD: I’m really sorry, we have to clean the shake machine once a week.  (A good thing in my mind)
Weird guy: Hands his cell phone to the McDonald’s employee You tell her.
McD:  I’m sorry sir.
Weird guy: I’ll just take a hashbrown.

Eye Twitch


My left eye has been twitching for like 6 months now – literally.  I thought if I moved my monitors from the bright side of my desk to the dark side of my desk it would go away.  I think the eye twitch is starting to affect my brain cause it didn’t work, at all.  I know I should try not to think about it and it will probably just go away but I feel like an Iguana or something; like my left eye is watching a fly on my shoulder and my right eye is looking where it’s supposed to. If this keeps up I’m changing my name to Lisa Left Eye (rest in peace) just to appease my twitch.  That should do it, right?

Sausage of the Week (#2)


This is what I call a Sausage Fest! No, not a predominantly male gathering, but a smörgåsbord of tasty sausages for Beckett’s 1st birthday party. From brats, to cheddarwursts, to chorizos and the good ol’ hotdog; they were all there (and that’s just half of them). After they were grilled I thew them in that sausage jacuzzi of hot beer and onions and served ’em up.